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Virgo Splinter


Exclusion Zone, Mars

Enemy factions:

Virgo Prohibition


The Virgo Splinter is a Splinter created by the Virgo Prohibition on Mars during their battle with the Sand Eaters. The Splinter holds knowledge on the Red Legion, their former commander, Dominus Ghaul, and the Star Chasers.

Following the arrival of the Red Legion and the destruction of the Black Garden's portal, the Virgo Prohibition began to regroup and consolidate at the Splinter in attempt to spring back and combat the Cabal.


Unlike most other collectives, the Virgo Prohibition were not built for the creation of Splinters, as stated by the Hidden agent Chalco Yong. The Prohibition's main purpose was to combat the Cabal and defend the Black Garden's portal, but as the collective began to lose their numbers following the arrival of the Taken King, their Axis Mind declared the creation of the Splinter in order to establish a foothold within the Exclusion Zone, as well as to gain more necessary information on Cabal weaknesses. Through further combat and continuous encroachment on Cabal territory, the Prohibition were able to supply the knowledge of the Cabal's intergalactic systems and safely store it within their Splinter.

Return of Mars[edit]

As Mars returned from the Witness's clutches, Chalco Yong, accompanied by the Drifter, were sent to investigate the Splinter for whatever secrets it may have had. When they arrived, the Splinter was in poor condition, showing signs of a possible third-party tampering. Months later, the Splinter would be targeted by rogue Guardian Trevis of the Eschaton in an attempt to gain access to possible codes on Cabal weaponry. He would be thwarted by the Guardian Matthew, with his Ghost being frozen and given to the Spider.


  • As mentioned by the Drifter, the Prohibition were able to gain intel on the Echo of Oryx stationed on Mars. Further examination would show that they even attempted to simulate a copy of it to fight the Cabal, resulting in multiple units being taken and trapped within the Ascendant Plane.
  • The Virgo Splinter is one of the most recent Splinters to have been created.