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The Watcher's Archive


Season of Anticipation



Recommended Power Level:



The Nexus


Delve into the Vex Network and commune with The High Psychopomp

A Vex Mind demands your presence? Venture into the Vex Domain with caution.

The Watcher's Archive is a Dungeon added to Destiny 2 during the Season of Anticipation leading to Lightfall. Within the Vex Network, a high Vex Mind, known only as The High Psychopomp, would emanate a signal requesting an audience with the Guardian. Intercepted by Mithrax, with resources from the city and assistance from Saint-14, he would call upon the Guardian and allow them access into the Axis Mind's personal realm, where they meet the initially benign lord of the realm. The Guardians are put through numerous trials and face off against hordes of vicious Vex units as they attempt to definitively answer the High Psychopomp's question of destiny.


Initially, players will be teleported into Vault Ebisu below the Botza Ruins, where Mithrax, Kell of Light, will await the Guardian(s)'s arrival. After he briefs the player, he will activate the hastily assembled Vex Transfer Gate beside him and allow players access into the Vex Domain.

Into the Network[edit]

After entering the Vex Domain, players should find themselves in a verdant simulation filled with varying types of flora, ranging from tall grasses to cherry blossoms. After approaching the cliff edge, Mithrax' feed should cut and the players should soon find themselves in detainment prisms as a massive, armed Vex Hydra should appear above. After a quick exchange of dialogue, the Guardian(s) should then be released from their prisons and are ultimately free to explore the simulation once again. After a final exchange of dialogue, the simulation of the gulf and sunrise should fade, revealing the vivid colors of the Vex domain and a Vex Launcher should appear by the cliff. After thoroughly investigating the simulation, the Guardian(s) may also find a concealed Dias where they may learn a confession from the Vex High Psychopomp. Once the Guardian(s) are launched into the Domain, a Darkness Zone falls as the Dungeon officially begins.

The Outer Libraries[edit]

Logographos, the Chronicler[edit]

Answers through Time[edit]

Disable the Barrier[edit]

The Archives[edit]

Navigating the Inner Domain[edit]

The High Psychopomp[edit]


Unique Enemies[edit]


The Mission Begins. The Guardian(s) enter the Ebisu Vault in the Botza District.

  • Mithrax: Guardian? Ah, good, you've finally arrived. Come, we must discuss this quickly.

The Guardian(s) approach Mithrax and the crudely assembled Vex gate beside him

  • Mithrax: As you no doubt felt, a powerful presence within the Vex network has emitted a powerful signal to the Vex and every device within the network. A signal that has requested your presence, and your presence alone.
  • The Ghost: Ugh, yeah. I can still feel it in my shell.
  • Mithax: Of course, something like this cannot be taken lightly. After all, it was them who slew the Saint before you had your way. So, I allow you access into the Vex Domain, but tread carefully, we do not know what lies within.

The Gate to the Vex Domain Opens

  • Mithrax: The transfer gate is open. We will monitor your progress beyond. If anything goes wrong, do not be afraid to call for back-up.
  • The Ghost: Thanks Mithrax! Let's go, Guardian. Apparently, we have a Vex Mind to meet.

The Guardian(s) enter the Vex Domain, coming across a highly advanced simulation of a forest of cherry-blossom-like trees. The Guardians approach the cliff overlooking an endless gulf

  • Mithrax: This simulation... I've never seen anything like it in the Vex Domain before. Wait, a- [static] -ntity- [static] -ex Min--
  • The Ghost Guardian, something's happening! We're being- gah!

As Mithrax' feed gets cut, the Guardian(s) are trapped in Detainment Prisms as a large, armed Vex Hydra appears, they are slowly drawn to it

  • The High Psychopomp: An intruder... no, the anomaly itself has arrived! About time. We have much to discuss.
  • The Ghost: Hrrgh- W-what? I-it speaks? Wait, what do you mean discuss?
  • The High Psychopomp: We have observed you for some time now. Since your exploits with the deviants, we have observed your triumphs against the defiant, the unsimulatable, the... adversaries.
  • The Ghost: Adversaries? Wait, you mean the Pyramids? The Witness?

The Guardians are released and free to walk around the small forest

  • The High Psychopomp: One and the same. We have calculated that you are the likeliest to defy their will and curb their wrath. We believe you alone can stop them.
  • The Ghost: (Whispering) Huh, praise from a Vex Mind. Well, can't say nothing new happens every day.
  • The High Psychopomp: But first, a test of mettle is called for. Tell us, what is destiny? What is fate to an entity as powerful as yourself?
  • The Ghost: What? Well, uh, I guess it's something bound to happen? Something inevitable. Something perhaps you have seen?
  • The High Psychopomp: ...we see there is still room for improvement, then. Come now, truth awaits.

The Vex Mind teleports away and the simulation of the gulf fades, revealing the Outer Nexus. A jump gate at the tip of the cliff, allowing further access into the Network

  • The Ghost: Okay... this is certainly odd. Well, there is no way back now, let's go then.

The Guardian(s) continues into the Vex Network, evading defenses and fending off the Vex denizens. The Guardian(s) bypass the defenses of the Outer Libraries

  • The High Psychopomp: We asked before: what is destiny?
  • The Ghost: We don't know! Uh, the possibilities of the future? The anticipation beyond?
  • The High Psychopomp: Think deeper.

After bypassing the Outer Libraries, the Guardian(s) should find themselves platforming to one end of a massive, open arena.

  • The High Psychopomp: Perhaps some context is in order. What is the past?

After a tough battle against it's weapons and abilities, the Guardian(s) vanquish Logographos, the Chronicler

  • The Ghost: That thing was tough. It tried to use everything from our past against us- Wait. Hey, Vex! The past isn't just what has happened, it is lessons to be learned from our victories and our failures!
  • The High Psychopomp: It appears the entity is on the right path. The answer is just within reach! Follow us.

The Guardian(s) progress further into various simulations of the past, present and future of numerous worlds, mostly overrun with varying Vex subtypes, from the Precursors to the Descendants

  • The High Psychopomp: Time. For us all, it is more than just an instrument. A teacher, an obligation, a harbinger. So many titles. So many roles. But to us alone, the future is a very fickle matter. One cannot truly define it so long as there are others to defy it, yes?

The Guardian(s), after lifting it's defenses, enter a massive structure at the heart of the Vex Domain. The team comes across the Archives, a massive room with scattered confluxes and constantly moving data streams.

  • The High Psychopomp: Before you submit before us an answer, we implore you, explore our archives. Glean what you can from it. Then, come before us.

After sifting through the Archives' unstable and dangerous information, the way deeper into the Psychopomp's domain is opened.

  • The Ghost: That was... a lot to take in. *Whew* I feel like I'm about to explode, but I think I can formulate a substantial enough answer for our friend here.

The Guardian(s) progress into the heart of the domain, passing by an exhibit of some of the finest memorabilia of other worlds before facing a final wave of defenders, finally entering the High Psychopomp's throne.

  • The High Psychopomp: You made it. Exemplary! Now, what can you tell us about destiny?
  • The Ghost: It is what we make it.
  • The High Psychopomp: Excellent. You and your kind have proved it again and again. Now, let us test your might.

The Guardian(s) duel against the High Psychopomp, facing its full power, the onslaught of its minions and the unstable power of the worlds beyond. After a rigorous battle, the High Psychopomp, wounded by combat, coats itself in an immune shielding and dismisses its allies.

  • The High Psychopomp: Enough. Triumphs alone give no credence to your full potential, anomaly. You are truly a variable of impossible statistics; an incalculable power of force and will alone.
  • The Ghost: It's our principles. Our will to fight for the Traveler and for our people. Without it, we would have lost in the Black Garden all those years ago. But I see what you are trying to tell us, what you are trying to say about the future.
  • The High Psychopomp: Go on.
  • The Ghost: Destiny and fate is made by those who fear the future. Those who continue to fight in a belief and are afraid to let it go. Prophecy is created by those so sure they're right. But destiny is truly made by those who make it themselves. Those who defy the wills of sovereigns, of kings and gods.
  • The High Psychopomp: ...and you define it thus. Our equals may offer no gratitude for your potential victory and will continue to fight for the one true pattern, but you will always have an ally in us. Fate would have us as rivals, but you prove to defy it alone. Now, we must go, as must you. We look forward to seeing you once again, anomaly.

The Dungeon officially ends and loot is dropped as the High Psychopomp teleports away.

  • Saint-14: -ill personally break the Vex again if I must!
  • The Ghost: Saint-14? Mithrax, are you there?
  • Saint-14: Guardian? Hah! I knew you would eventually pull through!
  • Mithrax: We were... concerned when we lost contact with you. I tried to warn you of a powerful Vex presence converging on your location but- Tell us, what happened?
  • The Ghost: Well... it's complicated.
  • Saint-14: Complicated? Ha! You must have one hell of a story to tell, huh?
  • Mithrax: You're right. Escape the domain first, then, we can debrief on what exactly happened here.
  • The Ghost: Agreed. (...) So should I tell them, or should you? I don't know who they'll believe more.



  • Enlightenment - Complete The Watcher's Archive. - 100 Triumph Points.
  • Paying Attention - Complete The Watcher's Archive without dying. - 200 Triumph Points. Increased Diviner of Revelation drop chance.
  • Student of Present - Complete The Watcher's Archive solo. - 200 Triumph Points. Increased Diviner of Revelation drop chance.
  • Transcendence - Compete The Watcher's Archive alone without dying. - 300 Triumph Points and the Divine Truth Emblem. Increased Diviner of Revelation drop chance.
  • Student becomes the Master - Complete The Watcher's Archive on Master mode. - 200 Triumph points and the Pinion of Wisdom Ship. Increased Diviner of Revelation drop chance.
  • Confessions of the Psychopomp - Find the 6 Diases and listen to the High Psychopomp's lessons of the past and present. Increased Diviner of Revelation drop chance.
  • Object of Determination - Acquire the Diviner of Revelation.
  • Classical Philosophy - Complete all Three Encounters with members of the same class.
  • Burning Question - Complete all Three Encounters with only Solar subclasses.
  • Shocking Revelation - Complete all Three Encounters with only Arc subclasses.
  • Voided Falsehoods - Complete all Three Encounters with only Void subclasses.
  • Cold Truth - Complete all Three Encounters with only Stasis subclasses.


  • The Watcher's Archive is the first Dungeon to feature the Vex.

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