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Diviner of Revelation
Production overview


The High Psychopomp


Vex-designed Polearm

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Weapon type:


Min-max stability:


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Heavy Ammo

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Service history

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The High Psychopomp
The Guardian


"Just as you make fate, the truth is yours to mold. Never soon forget, anomaly."
— The High Psychopomp

The Diviner of Revelation is an Exotic Glaive introduced in the Season of Anticipation. A creation of the advanced Vex construct, the High Psychopomp, the weapon would be forged as a potential instrument for the Guardian during the coming war with the Witness. It serves as a random drop within the the Watcher's Archive Dungeon.


"Do you hear me?"

Mithrax has been at this for five days now. Prodding and probing with the implement the Guardian managed to acquire from the Vex within the Outer Nexus. Ever since he first explored the Vex network, he somehow knew something lied within, awaiting and watching for whatever came into their domain. For years, the thought of this... thing... and it's intents have always been of particular interest to the Kell, yet, he never o~@#! ---[Interesting. This was our gift to you. Why humor the undeserving, dear anomaly?]--- @!$@*%~rd he searched for it. Yet, somehow, for some reason. It chose them. The Guardian. It chose to commune with them, let alone permit them access into the dark heart of their collective consciousness; it permitted the exchange of some of their greatest secrets and knowledge to an opponent of their great pattern. Ever since the debriefing and the discovery of the Glaive-shaped object recovered from within, Mithrax has, for days, continued to research it.

"Do. You. Hear me?"---[Indeed. But you are not the one we wish to speak to.]---

And for the past five days of nonstop questioning and research, the same exact result hits him. Silence. Dead si~&#!% ---[Yet, its ambitions do quite entertain us! Perhaps he too should have received the answer.]--- ^&@*#~nd he is no fool; no one within the Last City or the House of Light truly understands the machinations of the Vex as well as he does. He knows for a fact this is no ordinary instrument of power~%#!%)* ---[Quite so. It is far more than that. You know as much as we do, anomaly.]--- %&*@!(~ing that should be taken with extreme suspicion. The Vex have made temporary alliances before, but all were calculated measures to prevent their own destru~&(#@^ ---[Remember the Vault? A risky measure performed by my compatriots. It was wrong in our case. We never soon forget debts.]--- ^&#!*~uld be a trap. Despite not bearing the frame the Guardian's Ghost described, it could all be a ploy by the Sol Divisive to ne~*#@&$ ---[Don't insult us. The risk of allegiance was determined incompatible to our goals. We would never be reduced to such a base slave.]--- (^#@&~ight. They could indeed be the only ones capable of facing the Darkness and surviving. All the more reason to continue to play it safe.

"Can you hear me?"


"---You have what you need from the anomaly. Take from them what you will. Interference is suboptimal. We have spoken.---"


Intrinsic Perk: Moldable Edge - Hybrid Melee/ranged polearm with a frontal shield. Generates energy on dealing ranged damage.

  • [Aim Down Sights] :Raise shield, depleting energy over time.
  • [Melee] :Kinetic melee combo

Column 1: Haft - Low-Impedance Windings - Improved output efficiency.

  • Increases shield duration
  • Slightly increases reload speed
  • Decreases range

Column 2: Magazine - Steady Rounds - This magazine is optimized for recoil control.

  • Greatly increases stability
  • Slightly decreases range

Column 3: Trait - Touch of Purpose - [Alternate Weapon Action] :The user can alternate between two firing modes for this weapon. The first launches a high-damage output bolt at a high velocity, while the second launches an arcing mortar which creates a wave of Stasis energy, shattering all in its path.

Column 4: Trait - Chill Clip - Direct hits with the top half of the magazine cause a detonation that slows nearby targets.