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The Sorrow Maker
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Shin'ra, the Sorrow Maker


Sorrow Maker

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First bearer of the Sorrow Maker title
Paracasual entity of unknown origin and power
Origin of the Corruption


The Sorrow Maker is a mysterious Hive entity of unknown origin and unfathomable power spoken through legends of the Hive. He was the first bearer of the Sorrow Maker title and would inevitably curse the name so that whoever chose to claim it for their own would be consumed by his undying power that would inevitably be known as the Corruption element. It was stated that his power rivaled that of Oryx, the Taken King.


The Sorrow Maker is known as the "Hive Boogeyman" and referred to as merely just a myth and legend spoken by the elders of the Hive. Regarded as also The Great Maker, it is believed that he was the first ever Hive weapons master from the home world of Fundament.

However his legend would be proven true as many that attempted to claim his name as their own would become enthralled under his own power to become one of his disciples.

It is possible that the Sorrow Maker himself is one of the Disciples of the Witness.