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The Shrouded Swarm




Malvarune, The Listener
Sotrec, Arm of Malvarune
Meldarin, Deathbound
Ekrinov, The Creator
Groto, Fallen from Light
Revaksis, The Hungry
Thastaroth, Willbroken



At war with:

The Reef
Lucent Brood
Xivu Arath's Horde
Most other hive broods
The Mindbender (previously)

Allied with:

Various broods (absorbed)
The Black Nomad


"From what I remember, Callisto's got a small Hive presence, and if I 'do' remember correctly, they burrowed into the ground like moles."
The Drifter to Zavala during a Vanguard meeting

The Shrouded Swarm is a Hive brood found within the endless caverns of Callisto. They are distinguishable by their black and deep purple color pallets, with waveringly patterned spikes plastered across their bodies. Like other broods, their eyes are green, but can fade to black to help with camouflage.

Similar to the Lucent Brood, the Shrouded Swarm is made of a collection of different broods who were sent to Callisto.


Arrival on Callisto[edit]

Shortly after The Great Disaster, Crota began to notice a disturbance coming from a faraway satellite, the disturbance mimicking the Tablets of Ruin. Crota sent a section of his brood to investigate the signal. As the Spawn of Crota arrived at the origin of the signal, their ships disabled as they entered the atmosphere, crashing into the moon's surface. The Hive attempted to contact Crota, but their distress calls had been blocked out by the disturbance. As the years went by, the disturbance began to drive them to madness, causing them to kill one another. Under the influence of the disturbance, the Hive began to burrow deep into the moon's surface to find what was causing the signal. As the Hive reached the depths of the moon, they discovered a derelict Pyramid near its core. Due to the Pryamid's influence and the Hive's presence, the native marine species began to evolve and explore the tunnels of Callisto.

During the city age, the Sol Divisive noticed the signal and attempted to link with it, noting that it was similar to the Black Heart. As the Vex arrived on Callisto, they were slaughtered by the Hive en masse. The remainder of the Vex attempted to flee the attack and spread across the moon to survive, being hunted down swiftly. A Sol Divisive unit's body was found deep in the moon's tunnels, its shape was tattered and smothered, but its mind was still intact.

The Taken War and Expansion[edit]

"Have they returned?"
"No sir, we have attempted communication, but we have not been able to reach them."
"Focus on the leading the Taken across the system. Callisto will feel the wrath of the Dreadnaught soon enough."
— Oryx and Echtar after the Taking of Riven

After the Arrival of Oryx and the Battle of Saturn, Oryx noticed the Pyramid's disturbance. He too sent a section of his brood to Callisto, but they never returned. Oryx and Ecthar labelled the moon as a "Future subject of the Dreadnaught's weapons."

Hunt for the Scorn and the Mindbender's Invasion[edit]

"What he did to you was unforgivable. His hubris led him to become a devil. No one should have allowed that, I wouldn’t have."
— The Black Nomad regarding the Mindbender

Following the outbreak of the Scorn and the death of Cayde-6, The Mindbender Hiraks found a Hive from Savathun's Brood and filled his body with large amounts of Dark Ether. The Hive became deformed and unresponsive, fusing with his worm in the process, with Hiraks stopping the experiments. After picking up the disturbance from the Tangled Shore, Hiraks attempted to investigate. The Shrouded Brood began to attack the Mindbender, injuring him in the process. Hiraks fled the moon, noting to the Fanatic about the anomaly. Hiraks used his mindbent Hive to take the deformed creature to the moon. The creature would rise due to the pyramid's influence, becoming a champion of the brood.

Notable members[edit]


  • Malvarune, the Listener

Ascendant Hive[edit]

  • Sotrec, Arm of Malvarune
  • Meldarin, Deathbound
  • Ekrinov, the Creator
  • Groto, Fallen from Light
  • Revaksis, the Hungry
  • Thastaroth, Willbroken
  • Ruva'ak, Sun Eater
  • Qahna'ar, Moon Drinker
  • Zahkri'i, Land Splitter

Hive Champions[edit]

  • Thûr Bahlok, Celebrant of Malvarune
  • Zul-Miin, Eye of Malvarune
  • Ir Anâth, Brood Queen
  • Callisto Champion

Former Members[edit]

  • Sargon, the Wretch
  • Nirah, Venom of Sargon
  • In Azâk, Bone Ripper
  • Vul-Naak, Netherwalker
  • Heart of Fear
  • Anzû, the Anarchist

Notable Groups[edit]

  • Anzû's Cult
  • Spite of Sargon

Mentioned Only[edit]

  • Du'lok, the Cancer
  • Errok