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Anzû, the Anarchist
Biographical information

Other name(s):

Phantom of Du'lok


Oversoul Throne





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Political and military information


Hidden Swarm (formerly)
Shrouded Swarm
Anzû's Cult


God of Fear (formerly)
God of Death



Notable info:

Studied the Lunar Pyramid
Forcefully communed with the Callistoan Pyramid
Killed by Sotrec


"Kings of the past, mere memories now
A change in pace, old bones grow
— Book of Augury, Unknown Chapter

Anzû, the Anarchist was a Hive Knight of the Shrouded Swarm. One of the oldest swarm members, Anzû led a failed crusade against Malvarune following the arrival of the Taken King into the Sol System. During Sotrec's quest for peace, Anzû was hunted down and killed, with his body being trapped deep within the moon of Callisto.


Anzû was held in high regard as a member of the Hidden Swarm. An elite warrior of the brood, Anzû participated in the battle of Burning Lake, slaughtering many Lightbearers in the name of Crota. A particular Guardian, Elias, would become Anzû’s target after being seen wielding the Pulse Rifle Bad Juju. Elias and his ghost were pursued and killed, with Anzû taking his head as a trophy back to the moon.

Following the Hidden Swarm’s retreat to the moon, the Spawn of Crota would go on to discover the Lunar Pyramid lying within the catacombs deep below the surface. The Pyramid would inherently peak Anzû’s interest, leaving him to study its paracausal nature. During his study and experimentation, Anzû theorized that the Pyramid was connected to a gravitational anomaly far beyond the system. The Knight gathered a group of Wizards to his altar to conduct a ritual, a communion practice which would turn him into a more powerful being. A ritual of hive spells and darkness, calling out the names of the worm gods, Anzû would arise and become the hive God of Fear.

The Great Disaster[edit]

A battalion of guardians stormed the moon with the hopes of taking out the hive’s champion. Anzû led the charge at the Ocean of Storms alongside Sardon, Fist of Crota. Exterminating hundreds of guardians with his new found power, many more guardians began to fear him, giving him even more strength during the battle. As the Vanguard retreated back to Earth, Anzû was known throughout the last city as a force to be reckoned with.