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Biographical information

Other name(s):

Soul Drinker
The Flawed Raven
The Swift Storm





Eye color:

Hidden (Green)

Political and military information


Blood of Oryx (formerly)
Shrouded Swarm


Ascendant Hive


Darkblade Knight

Notable info:

Inter-galactic terrorist on behalf of Oryx
Elite guardsman of Ekrinov's Forge


Ruva'ak, Sun Eater is an Ascendant Hive Darkblade of the Shrouded Swarm. During his time as a part of the Blood of Oryx, Ruva'ak made a name for himself as a fierce and merciless warrior, toppling many civilizations in the name of Oryx.


Ruva'ak was born to a Wizard of unknown origin along with his two brothers, Qahna'ar and Zahkri'i. While the two brothers were fine on their own, Ruva'ak was born without a Worm to consume, leading to premature incapacitation. The brothers would be discovered by Ecthar, Sword of Oryx; Ecthar supplied Ruva'ak with a worm, allowing him to awaken and spring to life. Ecthar took note of their "evolved morphs" and brought them back to Oryx under the assumption that they were born from an ascendant mother.

Once the brothers were taken before Oryx, the king became attentive to the brother's bond and swore them in as members of the Blood of Oryx. When Savathûn and Xivu Arath requested to take in one of the brothers, Oryx refused, instead allowing them to name one each. Oryx named Ruva'ak after the Perfect Raven, the empress of the extinct Taishibethi. The king gave Ruva'ak a weapon and a name, telling him that he must earn everything else through triumph.

Fighting for Power[edit]

Ruva'ak battled his way through the Court of Oryx, fighting many formidable opponents such as Thalnok, Hashladûn, and Lokaar. Ruva'ak made his way up the hierarchy of the Hive pantheon through combat, earning a small amount of Hive to his name to control. When asked where the Knight came from by Savathûn, the young champion refused to talk to her, knowing of her trickery and cunning. Ruva'ak would go to Oryx and demand that he reprimand her for distracting him. The king mocked him for such a silly request, forcing him to battle another member of the court, Sotrec. Ruva'ak beat Sotrec with relative ease, impressing Oryx, allowing him to become a true member of the court.

Fall of the Astrius[edit]

"On the ninth day, the Imperfect Raven arrived, his gaze shook the entire planet. It took but one strike to sever the arm of the Celestial Effigy, the end of Inyria."
— Ancient hymn describing the Inyria Infection.

After becoming a powerful member of Oryx's court, Ruva'ak and his hive would be dispatched to explore and conquer worlds beyond the hive's current reach. Ruva'ak boarded his new ship, the Blackstone Vasa, and began to explore the cosmos in search of life. Adrift in space, Ruva'ak came upon a system known as the Talix Belt. The system was composed of a variety of destroyed planets, floating continents and gravitational anomalies surrounded by bodies of water. Near the center of the system was a singular planet and the system's star. Multiple space orbital stations circled the planet before pointing themselves at the Hive and firing off lasers. Ruva'ak and his hive made their way to the planet of Inyria before beginning their attack.

The battle would be known as the Inyria Infection, with the hive quickly invading and poisoning the Astruids' planet. Over a series of 12 days, the hive would inject themselves into the planet and the orbital weapons and destroy them from the inside. The Astruids would not go on without a fight, destroying most of the hive ships within the fleet. This would prove to be ineffective, as the Astruids would begin to shrink in numbers. The hive had reached the core of the planet, the Well of Light; the source of the Astruids' life and ability to reproduce. Eating away at the well, the hive began to sicken the life on Inyria, causing the Astruids' to dwindle in terms of combat.

It was only the ninth day when Ruva'ak stepped foot on the planet, cutting off the arm of the Celestial Effigy with his cleaver. The released spirit began to spread a plague across the planet, flooding the skies and burning the surface. The Astruids had lost all hope and began to take their own lives, or attempt to flee. Over the final three days, the hive slaughtered every last Astruid on the planet and left before the planet destroyed itself from the infection.

Thwarted Rebellion[edit]

Following the destruction of Inyria, Ruva'ak would return to the Dreadnaught to tell Oryx and his brothers of the tale. When Ruva'ak arrived, the Dreadnaught would be seen in disarray. An attempted uprising, a rebellion. Witnessing Alak-Hul attempt to attack Oryx, Ruva'ak jumped in and held off the darkblade long enough for Oryx to punish him. Alak-Hul would be defeated and sentenced to live the rest of his life within the Hanging Crypts. The King would thank Ruva'ak for his loyalty, awarding him with the title of darkblade.


Gameplay (Non-Canon)[edit]

Vestige of the Listener[edit]

Ruva'ak along with his brothers appear in the second encounter of the dungeon, the Forge. Ruva'ak is seen heavily armed with a Hive Axe and armor. Ruva'ak will enter the Forge through an opened door near the front of the room. Similar to his brother Qahna'ar, Ruva'ak will consistently chase the players around the Forge, only able to be damaged by any of the three relics crafted by the guardians during the encounter. If killed, Ruva'ak will be revived from the same door he entered from. Unlike most bosses, Ruva'ak will learn certain player gameplay styles and adapt to them. Ruva'ak will learn the routes that players take and cut them off, increasing his speed if players continuously run from him, going on the defensive if he is killed a certain amount of times. Ruva'ak will stop respawning when the players manage to kill Zahkri'i, finally finishing the encounter.


  • The name "Ruva'ak" originates from a word in the Dragon Language from The Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim; Ruvaak, meaning raven (formerly meaning black, in reference to death).[1]