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The Quarantine


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The Quarantine


Defeat enemies in The Quarantine

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The Quarantine is a 12 player game mode taking place in Chernobyl and the surrounding area. It lets the players split up and explore, they must kill all of the bosses lieutenants before killing the boss. It is narrated and hosted by Cane


"Welcome to The Quarantine. I’ll be clear, if you die. I won’t care"
— Cane

Quarantine is in Chernobyl. There is a vendor there named: Cane. Cane will give you legendary engrams and Radioactive Keys which access special chests. Though it is in Chernobyl, the area is in a cavern under it were some of the old locations from Chernobyl have been broken and fallen into the humongous cavern.

Loading Zone[edit]

It is a small platform guarded by some fallen. It has cages full of Ravagers, Screebs, and War Beasts. One of them has an abomination.

Cane’s Control Center[edit]

Has some computers. Overlooks the prison and its arena. It’s headed by two Psion’s working for Cane. In one variant it has one Taken in a locked room.

Golden Age Prison Block[edit]

A prison block with many inmates. Has a small arena. Guarded by two Legionaries who let them fight.

The Pit[edit]

An arena for the worst criminal’s. Guarded. by a agent legionary.

Nuclear Reactor[edit]

Guarded by two mercenaries working for Cane. It power’s the facility. Eventually, the mercenaries betrayed Cane so Cane told the Guardian to deal with them.


There are many corridors that have tall ceilings and are wide.

Testing Zone(Secret Area)[edit]

The hidden testing zone area is for the hidden activity: Experiment 001. There are two GIANT doors. Behind each are altered ogres or abominations that fight. You can either join in or escape and kill the rebellious Psion in charge.

Statue Gardens[edit]

One of Cane’s Agents are here. This place has statues of War Beast from the Leviathan and other statues.


Where they keep junk and ships as well as a Ketch. It has three of Cane’s Agents against Fallen


Pre-Golden Age Prison Block[edit]

Cane’s Control Room[edit]

Nuclear Reactor[edit]

The Pit[edit]

The Questioning Mind
Akoris, Knight of The Pit
Bah'nok, Vessel of the Witness


Overcharged Ogre
Overcharged Abomination

Statue Garden[edit]

Statue Mind


The Quarantine has some employees hired by Cane

Higher Employees[edit]

Other Employees[edit]

  • Valus Edr’ek- Hired to protect the reactor in exchange for support of his legion.
  • Friendly Harpy- Was seen in the background of a sewer system(Cutscene) speaking with Cane’s agents while the Guardian and Fenchurch spoke with Cane.
  • Harkain (Formerly)- The previous engineer. He secretly planned to betray but someone tipped us about him.
  • Cane’s Agents- Cane’s Agents that work for him.



Gabriel’s Inheritance-StrandS.png Hand Cannon
Vengeance for Torobatl- KineticS.png Sword
Engineer’s Spite- SolarS.png Heavy Grenade Launcher
Bah'nok's Assault - VoidS.png Pulse Rifle



Side Quests[edit]


  • Cane says that he found this place in his journal. He(Supposedly) had died here.
  • The Psion variant of Cane’s agents appear as an Imperial Cabal despite being former Loyalists.

Notes(Pls read this)[edit]

  • Anyone can add bosses or locations.
    • Except the testing zone