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Cane, the Warlord







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Soviet Union (Presumed)
Warlords (Formerly)
The Quarantine




Titan Sentinel

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Trapped a bunch of bad guys in Quarantine.


Cane is a mysterious Titan who may be good or bad. He is the vendor for The Quarantine activity.


Early Life[edit]

The Union[edit]

Ruler of Moscow[edit]

Cane, being risen in Russia went into the streets. Flags raised on the edges. He eventually came across the humans living there. There were a few hundred. Cane met up with their leader who told him to get lost. Cane refused so the man shot him. Cane, loosing blood saw something hovering over him. It revived him after the man left and Cane was shocked. The Ghost introduced himself as Cherry. He said that Cane now had new abilities. Cane went out, anger now returning to him. A little while later, citizens were in shock as Cane dragged their former leaders corpse through the streets. He declared he now led this place and became the Warlord of Moscow. Over time, he ended up leaving and letting another Risen take the territory. He eventually made it to an out cropping near a settlement. There, a man named David approached him. He explained that everyone in the town was dead but an Iron Lord. David said that there was a bounty on the Iron Lord, David offered to split the deal with him. Cane accepted and followed David into the city. David unholstered a rifle and patrolled the area creeping around like a hungry wolf. Cane watched the Hunter go and pulled out a weapon of his own. His trusty Shotgun and patrolled, seeing a Ghost he called out to David. His only answer was the birds. He looked back up and the Ghost was gone. Suddenly, Gunshots rang out. He ran up and saw David firing at a man in Knight like armor, a Iron Lord. Another Hunter slid next to David. They conversed and David explained it was an ally. The team held off the Iron Lords. David shot a Hunter Iron Lord through the head and Cane blasted one apart. They dealt with the Ghosts rapidly. The Iron Lords retreated. The team of three then brought there victims body’s to a ship of the other Hunter. The Hunter introduced himself as Antanov as they went. Cane told them that he had a base in Russia. They went to Russia and met in Cane’s main hideout. They waited and eventually the buyer arrived. He said his name was Citan and that this was retribution. They gave him the Ghost Shells and took their payment. Antanov didn’t want any. The team would stay together for a while.

Presumed Dead[edit]

(I’m gonna make more in the combat sec of this) After a while, Cane’s rule in Russia came to an end. He engaged in combat with the Iron Lords and lost, his Ghost “shot”. But Cane had countermeasures, his ghost was a projection. His Ghost, Cherry, revived Cane soon after and Cane left, knowing that the Iron Lords could find out about him again. Cane called up Antanov as they didn’t know where David was.



"That Cane guy said he was Russian, right. Doesn’t sound like it."
— Ghost


  • He bears a similarity personality wise to Saladin. But he sounds a lot different, more like Saint-14.
  • His armor is made out of a dead Ahamkara bones he got from the Great Ahamkara Hunt. His helmet, though, is from the Beyond Light armor.
    • When he was revived he had a patch on his shoulder of a hammer through a crescent, presuming that he died in the era 1922-1999
  • He strangely sounds in American, despite being a Russian.