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The Dark Oath






Transform the Moon into a weapon of mass destruction
Create an unstoppable army of Ogres through dark magic practices


Krouth, Flame Prince
Wryime, the Dark
Yogroth, the Wretched



The Dark Oath is a secret faction of Hive who reject The Sword Logic and have formed their own "Logic" so their Queen can use her dark magic to transform the Moon into a massive Hive Seeder so they can spread their infection across the Galaxy and create an unstoppable army of Ogres. Their leaders, Wryime and Krouth, Flame Prince are buried deep into the ground in tunnels not known to anyone except the Dark Oath. As mates to one another, Wryime and Krouth are responsible for the entirety of the Dark Oath even though Wryime is the only Ascendant of the pair. Strangely, no Wizards other than Wryime have been discovered as a part of the Dark Oath.


The Dark Oath is covered in black chitin, white eyes, and and their exposed skin is grey in color do you a lack of light as they rarely emerge from The Musty Tunnels.


The Thrall of the Dark Oath have glowing eyes that are able to blind you for three seconds if they get too close to you for too long and their Acolytes have a rage affect along with its' Knights only having cleavers. The Dark Oath is the second rarest Hive to be encountered only surpassed by The Hidden Brood as they are only found in their quest-line, occasionally in a public event were in the Heroic version, Yogroth and it's followers will spawn to attack the Guardians, and in a new area in the Temple of Crota called The Musty Tunnels. The main way of defeating them is just to keep your distance as all enemies in the Dark Oath have a powerful melee option and the Thrall can blind you if you're not careful.