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Wryime, the Dark
Biographical information




The Dark Oath


The Ascendant Hive of the Dark Oath Sect







Combat information


The Dark Side of the Moon


Darkness Blast
High Durability
Rapid Flight
Cast Poison Cloud
Summon Hive
Summon Shadow Thrall
Summon Fractured Taken
Blackout Debuff
Void Shreiker



"'This Witch is merciless. She starves her spawn's Worms of satisfaction in destruction for her's and even betrays her mate to get even more Hive worship so she can become strong enough to destroy the Moon. This Thing needs to die for good.'"
— Ikora Rey

Wryime, the Dark is the leader of of her spawn, The Dark Oath along with her mate, Krouth, Flame Prince. She is the Ascendant Hive of the Dark Oath but once tithed to her Ascendant, Xivu Arath but detached herself from the logic so all of her spawn would only tithe to her and her mate. But she wasn't satisfied, she needed more tithing, so she wiped out all of her Wizard spawn and gained their power, but she was still hungry. Eventually, she casted out Krouth from her throne room and he was to never return until he tithed enough to return to leading by her side. She eventually led her spawn out of the temple to wreak havoc on the Ocean of Storms to form her plan but was killed by The Guardian along with her spouse.


"''LIGHT! You have destroyed my kin and slaughtered by mate, but I must warn you, do not come close or you will die painfully and slowly. I am the strongest of my kind and now I will prove it to you."
— Wryime warning the Guardian not to fight

Wyrime is found in her throne room which is located in the deepest parts of The Musty Tunnels. She'll she sitting on her throne while a small group of Hive pray to her. Simply fire your gun or get too close and the encounter begins. Upon entering the Thrown Room Wryime will warn you not to come close or to attack her or her kin. If you proceed she'll teleport away and shout an incantation that'll summon Shadow Thrall and other Taken called Fractured Taken that only Taken Hive and don't use their abilities. Wryime will stay mostly near her thrown and summon her Hive kin to help her battle you and occasionally cast a poison cloud to slow you down for the Thrall to hack you to pieces. Occasionally the message, Wryime consumes the light will appear and everything will go black in five seconds, find cover and stay there as the enemies are not effected by the debuff and can shred you into dust while the room is dark. This lasts for ten seconds over that time the light in the room will slowly come back. Save your abilities for this ability as Warlocks can tank the attacks with their rifts, Titans can block the attacks with their barrier and Hunters can go invisible to hide from the enemies until the debuff is gone. Make sure most of the ads are gone before attacking Wyrime as she also has an ability called Void Shreiker she casts one her life reaches a third of her health which will summon Shreikers depending on the amount of enemies there are in the field not counting Thrall. This ability will occur every third of her health bar and the Blackout will happen at random. Focus down on the ads and then blow up Wryime and soon you will come out on top.