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Krouth, Flame Prince
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The Dark Oath


Flame Prince







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The Light that Burns the Sky




Darkness Blast
Searing Flames
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Summon Hive
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Summon Hive



"My warriors will be created and me and Rhisling will become the light that burns the sky!"
— Krouth, Flame Prince

Krouth is a dangerous target that can heat air into such high temperatures that many objects can catch fire, including his enemies. For a Flame Prince Krouth is quite small as he gave almost all of his tithe to his Ascendant Hive and he left the bare minimum for himself. Krouth and his troops were responsible for why the Shepard-9 Elite Srike Team was stationed at the Moon as he could wipe out entire forces of Fallen and Guardians with his unique sword Rhisling which could melt anything it touches into nothingness. Krouth often treats his sword as if it were alive and can sometimes be caught talking to it. Krouth wishes to build an army called Hive Burners that will carry their own versions of his sword and are planned to be unstoppable put Krouth was killed by The Guardian before his army could be fully mutated.


You can find Krouth throughout the Dark Oath quest line but only in the second to last adventure you can truly fight Krouth. He is located at the Temple of Crota and once you reach the room with the rune sealing the door Krouth will spawn out of a pillar of flame in the middle of the room and will begin to chase down the player and summon Hive and his special Flame Hive. You must be aware of were he is at all times as one hit from his sword will kill you instantly. If you are too far away from Krouth he'll shoot darkness blasts akin to Crota although they do less damage than Crota's and he can use an ability called Flame Vortex which he'll teleport closer to you and the two places will have a small pillar of fire that'll damage the player and will inflict them with a Burn debuff if they step inside them. These pillars last for about 5 seconds. Upon Krouth reaching 5% health Krouth will activate his Last Resort ability in which the room will begin heating and will kill everyone there except Krouth if you don't kill him in time.