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Takedown the Nightmare Infestation


Takedown in the Nine's Realm

Takedown in the Nastareth’s Temple


Destiny 2



Recommended Power Level:



Temple of the Nastareth, Ascendant Realm


Storm Xal Tinar’s base of operations and end his rule over the Taken once and for all

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The Takedown in the Nastareth’s Temple is a Taken Takedown released during Season of the Splicer that serves as the finale to the Rising Voice Quest. Guardians are tasked with storming a temple in the Ascendant Plain to take out a corrupted Techeun attempting to take control of the Taken to earn Taken-themed gear and weaponry, as well as a chance to get the Dreadfang Exotic Sword, through difficult puzzles and a more ferocious opposition.


After the destruction of Quria during the Season of the Splicer, the Drifter requests the Guardian to hunt down a Primeval that escaped during a Gambit match. After tracking it to The Dark Forest in the EDZ, the Guardian would discover a Techeun attempting to take command over the creature but would be stopped by the Guardian. Petra would contact the Guardian and inform them of the Techeun's identity of Xal Tinar and his obsession. After defeating enough powerful Taken and collecting echoes of Tinar's power from them, the Guardian can track Tinar to an asteroid in the Reef and sets out to end him and his hopes of ruling the Taken.

Similar to Takedowns before it, there is a lack of mechanics-based encounters alongside the lack of checkpoints, offering only three positions to save: the beginning, after defeating the Blighted Exemplar and after defeating the Emissary of the True Voice for players attempting to get the Dreadfang.