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Skyris, Heir to Kings
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Skyris, Heir to Kings is the acting leader of the House of Kings.


Skyris was born during the House of King's height, and participated in events such as the Battle of the Twilight Gap. He was the Heir Apparent to his father, Craask, Kell of Kings. However, when the House of Kings was massacred by the Scorn, Skyris survived by concealing himself and waiting out the battle. In the aftermath, he found his dying, weak father, and rallied the remnants of the House. They hid in the shadows, rebuilding their strength all throughout the Red War and following events. Skyris was one of the commanders of the salvage run on The Dreadnaught. Soon, he was encountered by The Guardian when leading a mission in the Cosmodrome. Recognizing them as the one who killed Uldren Sov, he invited them into the King's Watch, and led them into his Ketch.

An Alliance[edit]

Skyris cooperated with the Guardian on multiple occasions, assisting them throughout the Cosmodrome and beyond. The House of Kings continues to maintain an uneasy alliance with the last city, with a King's embassy established in the Tower.


Skyris is a benevolent leader of the House of Kings. He has a great reverence for his father, and always seeks his approval for his actions. As Skyris was largely ignored as a child, he is very ambitious and is constantly trying to win his father's respect through success. He also greatly admires Draksis, and even served in the House of Winter for a while. It is notable that some of the Kell's Guard appear in the House of Kings, along with former winter members who accompany him.


  • Skyris greatly admires Draksis, and owns his helmet.

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