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Skolas, Corrupted Kell
Biographical information


Taken Fallen Hybrid


House of Corruption




Taken Captain Captain Hybrid





Combat information


Blighted Ether
The Four Armed Blight


Shrapnel Launcher


Rapid Movement
Temporal Shockwave
Summon Blight
Summon Corrupted Fallen
Tyranny of the Kell
Corrupted Light
Summon Taken



This is an updated version of Skolas, the Corrupted Kell.


Upon finding a Taken Blight, Skolas used its corrupting powers to enhance the powers of his troops, the House of Wolves but with unforeseen side-effects, his troops became half Taken, Half Fallen, and so did Skolas. Due to this, he has become one of the strongest enemies the City has ever seen. Exuding Blight wherever he goes, Taking everything in his path. Eris enlists The Guardian to face Skolas on behalf of the city, and The Queen.


You first encounter Skolas in the mission Blighted Ether, were upon collecting enough Ether from both Fallen and Taken Fallen, you track down Skolas. He retreats and then how have to fight his new army of Corrupted Fallen. You next find him in the final mission were you corner him in his own Ketch, and the fight begins.Skolas will be invincible for the entire fight until you are able to break the barrier around him. He strafes throughout the area with this Taken powers, firing at you with his shrapnel launcher. Occasionally, Skolas will summon three Blights in the arena and you will be inflicted with the debuff, Tyranny of the Kell. If you don't destroy all of the Blights in fifteen seconds, you die. Once you destroy all of the Blights, some Taken bombs will appear were the Blights were destroyed, throw them at Skolas to break his barrier. Upon doing this text will come up saying, "Skolas' Barrier has been broken" and for thirty seconds, you can damage Skolas. Repeat this cycle and Skolas will be destroyed.