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Siviks, Lost to None
Biographical information




Kell's Scourge


De Facto Kell


Scourge Captain



Combat information


Scourge of the Past


Dual Molten Welders
Dual Shrapnel Launchers
Dual Shock Rifles
EMP Shockwave


Immunity Shield
Cluster Bombing
Health Regeneration
Relasped Debuff
Staggering Burden
Suspended Debuff
Scourge Lantern
Burning Effect
Sundered Debuff
Red Vision Debuff
Lantern Discharge
Scourge Current
Shocking Effect
Blindness Effect
Slowness Debuff
Current Discharge
Scourge Suppressor
Poisoned Debuff
Blackout Effect
Lethargy Effect
Disoriented Debuff
Knockdown Burden
Armory Sensors
Armory Rockets
Armory Grenades
Armory Turrets
Armory Poisons
Armory Flames
Scourge Bombard
Extreme Resilience
Summon Fallen


Siviks, Lost to None is the leader of the Kell's Scourge syndicate, and the main boss of the Scourge of the Past Raid.


Siviks has six arms and each set is dual wielding a specific pair of weapons: the upper arms wield dual Molten Welders that fire Void clustered explosive shrapnel which seeks their targets and leaves several cluster bombs upon detonation; the middle arms wield dual Shrapnel Launchers that fire a burst of high-velocity Solar rounds which restore a small portion of Siviks' health upon dealing damage and inflicts their targets with a debuff that greatly delays the onset of recovery; the lower arms wield dual Shock Rifles that automatically fire a barrage of seeking Arc rounds which inflict a debuff that makes them more vulnerable to staggering mechanics. When faced at close range, he will throw down an EMP Shockwave device that will knock players upward and suspend them in midair for an extended period of time. Occasionally, Siviks will deploy one of three devices to control the battlefield: a Scourge Lantern that releases a large pool of flames upon detonation which inflicts heavy lingering burning, sundering, and redness effects which stack with sustained exposure that will eventually release a high-damage Solar blast; a Scourge Current that leaves a chaining web of electricity which inflicts heavy lingering shocking, blindness, and slowness effects with sustained exposure that will eventually release a high-damage Arc blast; a Scourge Suppressor that releases a large gas cloud upon detonation which inflicts heavy lingering poison, blackout, and lethargy effects with sustained exposure that will eventually release a high-damage Void-blast. At random intervals, several Guardians at a time will be inflicted with a Scourge Mark that reduces their weapon damage and ability recharge rate by 100% for an extended period of time; the mark also disorients their vision and makes them vulnerable to being knocked when taking damage. When attacking Siviks will teleport short distances and make full use of the large circular arena. In addition, lesser Scourge units will constantly be spawning through several doorways throughout the encounter.

Siviks is initially protected by an immunity shield that is generated from his personal armory of rocket launchers, grenade launchers, machine gun turrets, poison gas sprayers, and flamethrowers; the weapons will only fire when the armory is activated. To activate the armory, the fireteam must kill three Scourge Engineers, Major Scourge Captains that are protected by a random elemental shield, capable of throwing all Scourge devices, and armed with Scorch Cannons. The Engineers must be killed before they activate the bombardment consoles, which will unleash a bomb that will instantly kill the fireteam. Upon death, the engineers will drop an access code pertaining to their elemental shield type; this access code needs to be inserted into the armory console slot that is based on the shield color of its Engineer. If an access code enters the wrong slot, then the bombardment sequence occurs and wipes the team. When the armory is activated, the weapons will start firing. The weapons need to be disarmed by attacking them with a certain damage type; they can only be damaged by one type at a time. Disarming a weapon causes it to drop a Black Armory Forge Charge that needs to be picked up and thrown at Siviks at the same time to take down his shield. If left on its own, it will eventually disappear and the weapon that dropped will be reactivated. When holding a charge, it will initiate a countdown that will prime it for a detonation; the detonation will instantly kill the player and all weapons will instantly be reactivated. Also, if the charges are thrown one after another instead of simultaneously, then his immunity shield remains and the Scourge Engineers respawn. When Siviks' shield is brought down, he will be stunned for 30 seconds, thus beginning the damage phase. Unlike other raid bosses, Siviks has a damage cap on all parts of his body and is immune to precision damage as well as kinetic damage. This makes him extremely resilient overall, and it will take several damage phases to finally bring him down.