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Sekris, Baron of Shanks
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Emperor Calus


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The Eliksni Traitor


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Sekris was once a Baron working for the House of Scar until Calus sent one of his Spartans down to disguise as an Eliksni and hire some of them to his cause. This Spartan was named Val'Orom and slowly, Sekris and the Val became close friends until he revealed who he was although Sekris did not mind. He pledged his loyalty to Calus. Sekris is a genius and is able to make entire forces of Shanks in a few hours aboard the Leviathan if given the correct tools and is a true force to be reckoned with due to his stealth tech. He was once able to murder Ghaul's chief adviser second only to The Consul, Valus Wro'troph without any of his guards noticing and was able to single handily dispatch the guards afterwords. Sekris is currently stationed in the wreckage of the Wall, waiting for his target to arrive, Bracus Tru'Nule. But was killed by The Guardian before he could claim his target.


Sekris is found in The Breach although he'll be hidden and won't be found until you kill his target. To find Bracus Tru'Nule you'll have to go to the Gateway and enter the Ketch Splicership Menkis-Syn. Proceed into the open room of the Ketch and the Bracus will be at the top right overlooking the dock. Kill him and return to the Breach and Sekris will fall from the roof and engage the player. Sekris fights just like any other Stealth Captain but he is able to summon Spartans along with Shanks and Heavy Shanks to assist him. Wipe out his support and focus on him. Eventually he'll fall and one of Calus' Shadows has fallen.