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Quria, Blade Transform
Biographical information






Matter Splicer


Corrupted Hydra

Combat information


King's Vengeance


Solar Aeon Maul
Void Slap Rifles


Immunity Shield
Midair Levitation
Burning Effect
Sundered Effect
Arc Detonation
Blindness Effect
Shocking Effect
Capture Sync Plates
Open Timestream
Summon Oracles
Prophecy of Doom
Summon Confluxes
Expunged Debuff
Circle of Fire
Will of Quria
Marked by the Void
Spotted Debuff
Slowness Effect
Detainment Bubbles
Quria's Gaze Debuff
Suppression Field
Blighted Wards
Taken Blight Debuff
Taken Rift Collapse
High Durability


Quria, Blade Transform is the experimental leader of the Viruses, and experiments with all different kinds of matter.

Main Mechanics[edit]

Primary Weapons[edit]

Quria is equipped with two different kinds of weapons. Its Aeon Maul, mounted on its top segment fires high explosive Solar bolts which leave behind pools of fire upon detonation. Stepping in these pools will inflict a burning and sundering effect upon the player for a short time. On its lower segments are pairs of Slap Rifles that rapidly fire tracking Void bolts. When engaged up close, it can unleash an Arc Detonation from its chassis, which will knock back, blind, and shock anything within its radius.

Forming the Spire[edit]

A Spire will start to form and can only be fully completed when all three plates are stood on for long enough. However, Quria will constantly fire its weapons at whoever attempts to do so, and will be fully shielded to damage. Cover must be sought while trying to capture them. In addition, Quria can override the Spire formation by shutting off the plates and re-capturing them. They will be disabled for a short time. Standing on them will not turn them on again. They will only be rebooted once someone's Ghost performs a scan on the plates' core systems, which will be on the opposite side of its respective plate. Once the plates are fully charged, the Spire will be fully formed.

Opening the Timestream[edit]

Quria will then shortly open the Timestream and will teleport all Guardians through it, although three random Guardians will be teleported to the distant past while the other three are teleported to the distant future. Those in the future will have to deal with Oracles, while those in the past will have to deal with Confluxes. If one Oracle is missed, then all Guardians will be inflicted with the Marked by the Void debuff, where their screen will slowly fade to black until they die. The only way to counteract this debuff is to kill another Oracle. If another Oracle is missed, then Quria will cast a Prophecy of Doom, killing off those in the past. The Confluxes will need to be defended from an onslaught Corrupted Vex. If enough sacrifices are made, then those in the future will be expunged from existence. Periodically, Quria will teleport to either realm and inflict a special attack each time. In the past, it will summon a circle of fire around all three players that will damage anyone inside before releasing a blast that can instantly kill anyone that hasn't stepped out, and in the future, it will fire a concentrated beam at all three players in sight that will slow anything it touches shortly before surrounding them in detainment bubbles, which will drain the health of all those trapped inside. Trying to step out will activate a Suppression Field, which is an instant kill. This beam can be avoided by hiding behind cover. Every conflux that has successfully defended as well as for every Oracle destroyed will grant four players at random a stack of the Conduction buff. Once enough stacks have been achieved, Quria will drag the team out of the Timestream.

Wrath of Quria[edit]

Once all Guardians are back in the main room, the entire area will have been surrounded with Taken mines called Blighted Wards, which will constantly pulsate high-damage energy blasts once activated, and will eventually start to rotate around the room and increase their blast radius once enough are triggered. There will also be giant Taken Rifts on each corner. They must be stood under to activate two Sync Plates. These rifts rifts can only be stood in for so long before it releases a Taken Blight that will drain the health of whoever stands inside. If the blight is not destroyed quickly enough, then the rift will collapse on itself, releasing a blast that will instantly kill the entire team. After the rifts are stood under for long enough, then the Sync Plates will be activated, but cannot be charged. Once the rifts disappear, they will each drop an Arc energy cell. Only those with the Conduction buff may pick up the cell and bring in over to the plates to charge them. Once the plates are charged, three people must stand in each to unleash a beam that will deal a certain amount of damage to Quria's shield based on amount of Conductor stacks gathered. This process will repeat until Quria's shield is broken, and it can then be damaged for 30 seconds.