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Prospects of the Wildcard
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Molten Welder


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The Prospects of the Wildcard are a group of Fallen Captains that belong to the House of Salvation. They are tasked by Atraks, the Wildcard to most likely help her in rallying younger Fallen to Salvation's cause and are given the abilities of Stasis to help prove the Salvation's use in the Darkness. They appear to have less armor than those who uses Stasis, to point of even resembling a Ultra (or Major) House Salvation Captain, only difference is their unique helmets that they share with the Disciples of Kridis, Warrior's Enforcers, Technocrat's Assistants, and Archon Aspirants; along with having the not just one arm fur covering that Salvation Captains usually have, but two.

In battle, Prospects utilizes Molten Welders for range combat, along with teleportation to evade gunfire, summon Fallen combatants to assist them, and uses their Ultra smash attack to push back their foes. Prospects also uses the one of the abilities that Hunter Revenants uses when they unleash their super, in which they will form a Stasis kama and throws it at their targeted area, which creates a Stasis Storm that slows and damages enemies caught inside, which can be affective against crowds of enemies in a tight space or unexpected Guardians. Due to this, Guardians should be extra careful when facing this Prospects in battle, mostly they should either face them in a open-field or from afar if dealing them in a tight area.


  • Despite the Prospects of the Wildcard are supposed to represent Atraks, they do not wield similar unique abilities that she has, this is most likely due to Atraks becoming a Exo while the Prospects are not Exos, rather using Stasis for combat.
    • However, this is a chance that this may have been Atraks's abilities with Stasis before she turned into an Exo.
  • The title "Prospect" means the possibility or likelihood of some future event occurring.
    • This could hint at the Prospects attempting to become Exos much like how Atraks did.

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