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Primus Rala'usk, the Devourer
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Combat information


Leviathan, Eater of Worlds


Leviathan's Gaze
Devourer Cannon
Arc Imperial Blade
Heavy Slug Thrower


Initial Immunity
Reversed Light
Poisoned Effect
Slowness Effect
Blindness Effect
Toxic Nectar Vapors
Psionic Detonation
Mind's Eye Debuff
Beast's Hunger Debuff
Beast's Consumption
Mental Collapse
Afterburn Blast
Meteor Storm
Psionic Overload
Imperial Nova
Blinding Might
High Durability
Shocking Effect
Paralysis Effect
Interference Field
Councilor Shield
Quake Attack
Summon Cabal


Primus Rala'usk is one of Calus' most trusted champions, and is the main boss of the Leviathan, Eater of Worlds Raid Lair.


Primary Weapons[edit]

Rala'usk mainly uses his Leviathan's Gaze head-mounted laser, which fires multiple Solar beams at once that each latch onto a target and inflict them with the "Reversed Light" debuff, which will reverse the recharge rate of abilities and Supers as the beams deal damage. Occasionally, he will charge up his arm-mounted Devourer Cannon, which will fire a scatter of large Void bolts with a wide blast radius, and can instantly kill a Guardian upon a direct hit, and they will each leave behind an energy dome that will slow down and poison those inside of them. At close range, he will unveil an Imperial Blade, an oversized, Arc-charged Cabal Severus, and swipe it across the ground. If it directly hits a Guardian, it will inflict a blindness effect.

Nectar Pools[edit]

The room will start to flood with toxic nectar vapors starting on the lower level. If the pools reach too high, then the entire floor will be poisonous, making the encounter too dangerous to continue, thus eventually killing off the whole team. The only way to stop the room from flooding would be to surround the nectar beakers with a fully stacked "Psionic Protection" buff that is acquired through killing the Psionic Projections that Rala'usk will summon around the arena; these projections can only be destroyed whenever the Psion powering it is killed. The buff will randomly go to a handful of Guardians as opposed to it going to the one killed the projections. One stack is received for every projection killed. If they are left alone for too long, then they will detonate, sending the entire team back in time to repeat the entire process. Once ten stacks are achieved, then those with the buff may safely approach the beakers and slam their energy into it, thus stopping the flood.

Dual Dimensions[edit]

Rala'usk will eventually separate the team in half by dragging three Guardians into his mindscape, and dragging the other three into the Leviathan's underbelly. Those in the mindscape will receive the "Mind's Eye" debuff, where radar is disabled and vision is impaired, while those in the underbelly will receive the "Beast's Hunger" debuff, where movement is slowed and health is periodically drained. To escape, a portal on the other side of the underbelly must be opened to set the mindscape team free. As the underbelly team stumbles through the hall, they will encounter energy barriers that cannot be destroyed by normal means, as well as a Watcher next to it, which will be powering it, and the Watcher will be shielded to all damage. Those who succumb to "Beast's Hunger" will be killed by the "Beast's Consumption" spell.

In order to charge up the portal in the underbelly, those in the mindscape must kill Psionically Enhanced Centurions, which will be shielded by special Psions. Killing the Centurion will not only begin to charge up the portal, but also partially reverse the effects of "Beast's Hunger" as well as remove the shield around the Watcher, allowing the underbelly team to burst it down, disabling the barrier. However, every time a new Centurion appears, a new barrier and Watch will appear, and the portal will start to shrink. Once the underbelly team has made it to the other side and the portal is fully charged, they will enclosed in the room and have the "Beast's Hunger" effect removed, but won't be able to go inside. A giant projection of Rala'usk will eventually appear in the mindscape.

To start forming the way out, Psionic Projections will line up and guard the portal. These must be destroyed in a particular order in a certain amount of time. If it takes too long to destroy them, then the underbelly team is forced back to the other side and the giant projection of Rala'usk disappears, thus restarting the process. If they are killed in the wrong order, Rala'usk will cause a Mental Collapse, instantly wiping the fireteam. Once the Psionic Projections are killed in the right order, then the portal will be unguarded and can be entered. Eventually, the underbelly team will return to the main arena.

At this point, Rala'usk will gain the ability to summon Afterburn blasts and meteor storms, although this will only apply in the throne room. Simultaneously, the giant projection of Rala'usk will then summon a storm of purple skulls, which must be shot down to gain maximum stacks of the "Force of Will" buff, which will grant the ability to damage Rala'usk; the more stacks gathered, the more damage that can be done. However, a Councilor will appear in a random location in the throne room. This allows the skulls to not only be immune, but also damage Guardians. Destroying the Councilor will grant the mindscape team the "Psionic Shield" buff, which allows them to shoot down the skulls and receive no damage from them. Once all the possible skulls are shot down, then those in the mindscape will re-enter the throne room. Rala'usk will then charge up his Imperial Nova, where he will gain an overshield and inflict damage over time via Blinding Might for as long as it is charging. If the Imperial Nova is successfully charged, then the entire team will instantly be killed. If the shield is shot down, then all Guardians will be able to damage Rala'usk for 30 seconds.


When at 50% health or below, Rala'usk will have his weapons enhanced and will gain new abilities. His Leviathan's Gaze will have more range, attach to more Guardians, and inflict damage faster as to speed up the effects of "Reversed Light"; his arm-mounted Devourer Cannon will gain an additional Heavy Slug Thrower fire mode; his Imperial Blade will be able to fire ranged Arc bolts that will shock and paralyze anything they hit directly. Additionally, he will summon Councilors that will shield him for the damage phase, create seismic shockwaves by stomping the ground that send Guardians flying upward, and attempt to drain reserve ammo of all Guardians' equipped weapons through an Interference Field, which takes extra damage from Guardian abilities, thereby disabling the field that surrounded them.