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The Vex are on an offensive once again, ascend into their new complex above Mars and strike at them once more.




High Orbit

Meridian Aftermath
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Destiny 2



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Meridian Bay, Mars


Destroy the Vex Alteration Mind, stop the invasion.

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Meridian Aftermath is a Dungeon introduced to Destiny 2 in the late summer of 2020. It requires Guardians to enter a newly created Vex complex above the Meridian Bay on Mars after the Cabal destroyed the gate to the Black Garden. Players fight their way through Sol Divisive Vex to get to the heart of their complex and destroy their leader, Akiskoptos, Alteration Mind. The Dungeon is available to play every week and has checkpoints after each encounter.


Unique Enemies[edit]


The Dungeon is available for all players and is launched from a prompt in Hellas Basin on Mars.


Players start in the Valley of the Kings on Mars, looking over the destroyed Black Garden gate and the new Sol Divisive complex. At the very start, players are assaulted by Harpies that must be shot down to start the encounter. Once the encounter starts, three Vex spires will form around the entrance to the complex that must be defended. Overcharged Seekers will spawn in the sky and will be drawn towards each spire. Shooting the Overcharged Seekers causes them to move faster, and once they hit a spire they will explode and cause more parts of the spire to form. All three spires must be fully formed, each one requires four Overcharged Seekers. Vex sacrificing at the spires will reset progress.

Once the spires are fully formed, a gravity lift will form in the middle of the three spires to let the players into the complex.

The Gates[edit]

After going up the gravity lift, players will find themselves in a large hallway with twenty small Vex gates in the walls (ten on each side), and a larger Vex gate at the end. As the players step closer to the small gates they will activate, each one will spawn a Goblin Courser. Players have a minute to kill each Goblin Courser, after their time is up the Coursers will despawn and respawn seconds later. Once the Coursers are dead, the larger gate will activate and spawn a Spire Keeper. The players get ten seconds to kill the Spire Keeper before it despawns and the Coursers respawn, requiring all three of them to focus their attention on it. Once the Spire Keeper is defeated the large gate will explode, giving players a way further down the hallway. The hallway has four identical sections, players must fight the Coursers and the Spire Keepers through each section until the gates encounter is finished.

On the way to the next encounter, players will be faced with a jumping section similar to the one in the Vault of Glass with disappearing platforms that take them further up the complex. There are only a few units of Vex on the way up, nothing too much to deal with.

Garazon, Sol Inherent[edit]

Garazon, Sol Inherent is the first of two bosses in the Dungeon. Garazon shares mechanics from the first encounter where players must form three spires and build them using Overcharged Seekers. Vex sacrificing at the spires will cause their progress to reset, and all three spires must be formed within 7 seconds of each other in order initiate a damage phase. If the spires are not formed with the correct timing then all three of them will reset and the players must start forming the spires again. After all three spires are formed, the players will receive void craniums and they will use the craniums to stun Garazon as he chases players around the arena. Once Garazon is stunned, players will be able to use whatever they want to damage him. Once he is dead, a chest will appear in the middle of the arena with loot and the players will continue on their way up to the final boss through more short jumping sections.

The Blades[edit]

Before the players can face the final boss, they must go across a large open and flat area. The area of the Divisive Complex is a long rectangle shape, and the floor is split up into square sections that disappear and reappear at times. The area is also split into three different sections that are blocked off by barriers. The take the barriers down, players must face three Divisive Blades. Divisive Blades are a Sol Divisive variant of the Vex Assassin. The players will fight the Divisive Blades across the disappearing platforms and once all three are dead the barrier will drop. The players will repeat the fight two more times until they make it to a gravity lift at the end.

Akiskoptos, Alteration Mind[edit]

Akiskoptos, Alteration Mind is the final boss of the dungeon, and is fought in a circular arena much like Garazon's, but much bigger. Akiskoptos will appear on an elevated platform across the arena from where the players entered. The players will be assaulted by Harpies and Goblins, and the three spires that must be defended start off locked. Killing the first wave of Goblins will spawn a Spire Keeper, and the Spire Keeper will be drawn towards one of the spires. The Spire Keeper must be killed within the vicinity of a spire, or the spire will not be unlocked. Once the first spire is unlocked, the other Vex in the room will be drawn towards it, and if they sacrifice before it has progress then it will lock again. The same process must be repeated to unlock the other two spires, and the spires this time are formed by players standing around them. Standing in the circle around a spire will give slow progress, but killing a Spire Keeper around it will fully form it. Once each spire is formed it will spawn an Overcharged Seeker, and shooting the Seeker will cause it to fly towards Akiskoptos. Once Akiskoptos is hit with six Seekers, it will be disabled and players will be able to damage it. While Akiskoptos is disabled, the platform it sits on will circle around the arena, smoke will also begin to fill the arena making it hard to see the boss. Once Akiskoptos is defeated, another chest will spawn and the players will be able to leave with their loot.


The rewards from this dungeon include Weapons and Armor from Season of the Undying.


Meridian Aftermath is the first Dungeon to center around the Vex.