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Garazon, Sol Inherent
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Sol Divisive


Vex Mind



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Meridian Aftermath


Torch Hammer


Summon Vex
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Garazon, Sol Inherent is the first of two bosses in the Dungeon. Garazon shares mechanics from the first encounter where players must form three spires and build them using Overcharged Seekers. Vex sacrificing at the spires will cause their progress to reset, and all three spires must be formed within 7 seconds of each other in order initiate a damage phase. If the spires are not formed with the correct timing then all three of them will reset and the players must start forming the spires again. After all three spires are formed, the players will receive void craniums and they will use the craniums to stun Garazon as he chases players around the arena. Once Garazon is stunned, players will be able to use whatever they want to damage him. Once he is dead, a chest will appear in the middle of the arena with loot and the players will continue on their way up to the final boss through more short jumping sections.