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House of Lions
House of Tigers (inferred)
House of Exile (inferred)
House of Dusk (inferred)


Kell's Consort
Economic Leader

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Matrons, (or possibly known as: Fallen Queens) are part of the Fallen hierarchy, they are the consorts of a Fallen Kell.


Matrons are rarely seen among the Fallen Houses, making them excluded from the Fallen leadership. Matrons are known to be the consorts or lovers of Kells, and brood their offspring, if they are possible to become the next Kell in some Houses. They can also oversee the House's economics and aren't really considered as threat to other Houses or other species; they don't have any leadership roles within House's militaries. But there is a chance that a Matron can take over the duties of Kells, if the aforementioned, Archons, or Prime Servitors are killed. Grayria, who is dubbed: "The Queen of Lions" is possibly one of them, however her leadership roles aren't the same as Matrons, implying that she is not truly a Matron. But ever since the events of the Red War and the Scorn Hunt, they have been a spike of Fallen Leaders, who claim to be "Queens", just like Grayria. Meaning that "Fallen Queens" can be inferred as Matrons or are it's own thing.

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