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Krillnex, Kell Prime
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Krillnex, Kell Prime is the Kell of the Devil Splicers. He leads them from behind The Wall as he spreads the SIVA outbreak beyond the borders of the Cosmodrome and the Plaguelands.


The death of Aksis, Archon Prime and Taniks Perfected effectively broke the Devil Splicers. This threw them into an intense infighting that could only be stopped by a new leader. The civil war then extended to the House of Devils' politics, where there were multiple claimants to Kellship, one of them being Krilliks, an infamous Fallen Baron known for both his might and cunning. He was one of Aksis' personal guards, and was the best of them all. He willingly executed orders without hesitation, violently put down any opposition in front of him, had grown enormously in strength over the years, and was specially trained by his military leaders. These characteristics would make him a worthy claimant to Kellship. His philosophy involved active involvement in foreign affairs and aggressive military tactics. However, they were other fierce competitors, most notably Skelliks. Skelliks' philosophy was vastly different than Krilliks' in that he relied heavily on patience and defensive techniques. He, like Krilliks, was one of Aksis' personal guards and a menace on the battlefield, but he would operate in the shadows because he felt too vulnerable in the open. The disagreement between them rose when Aksis was killed by the Guardians.

The two eventually engaged in a duel, both of them bringing their crews along. Krilliks ordered his crew members to cover certain portions on the battlefield whereas Skelliks told his to hide in ambush spots. It seemed that Skelliks' stealth tactics were working, but Krilliks eventually pulled through with brains and brawn. He killed his opponent in a Scorch Cannon fight, and was claimed victorious. But before he could assume the throne, he first had to undergo some severe changes to his physiology. He proposed his Splicers to augment his body with SIVA. A few days later, he had transformed into the next top-priority Fallen leader: Krillnex, Kell Prime.


Krillnex's power rivals that of Aksis, who held the record for the most powerful Fallen ever to have existed. His SIVA augmentations have made him a formidable threat to anyone who dares to face him. His most notable distinction is that, unlike normal Fallen, Krillnex has a total of six arms, enabling him to wield up to six weapons simultaneously.

Wretched Gazes[edit]

Krillnex's primary weapons will be his Wretched Gazes. Because he wields one in each arm, anyone that crosses paths with him will be killed almost instantaneously. This wielding skill allows him to multi-task and fire at several targets at once. Additionally, Krillnex's model of Kovik's weapon is unique in that it suppresses Guardian abilities for 30 seconds and drastically slows movement for 15 seconds upon making contact with its line of fire.

Hacked Debuff[edit]

Due to his mere presence, all Guardians will be inflicted with the Hacked debuff, which disables radar, distorts field of view, darkens vision, and shuts down health and shield regeneration. This will remain a problem for the entire fight, redcuing player awareness and increasing their vulnerability. Safe placement is advised. The debuff will only go away when Krillnex leaves the area.

Elemental Shields[edit]

Krillnex will have all elemental shields stacked on top of each other in the following order: Arc, Solar, and Void. These shields are immune to everything except for the Shock, Scorch, and Null Cannons carried by Major Splicer Captains. Destroying the shields will have Krillnex perform specific actions depending on the shield. When the Arc shield is down, he will be sent into a berserker rage, rushing into the fray to try to take out the Guardians up close. To close the gap, he will rapidly teleport across the arena and eventually slam the ground to perform his Ultra Smash. After 5 of these smashes, he will teleport back to his original position and continue attacking with his Wretched Gazes. When the Solar shield is down, Krillnex will activate 10 critical densities of SIVA in a row, each density taking 5 seconds to fully execute. The only way to save oneself from this would be to run to the outer edge of the arena. The radius of each density intensifies one after another, with the final density, while not exactly killing the entire team, reaching out far enough to bring all Guardians' shields down to critically low levels. When the Void shield is down, Krillnex will summon SIVA Turrets and SIVA Nodes. After these are all destroyed, he will attempt to roam around the arena again and open fire with his weapons.

SIVA Plague[edit]

Krillnex will be vulnerable to attack, but all attacks will deal only limited damage thanks to 3 special Splicer Servitors, each named Menkis Minor, forming a Servitor bond. To gain full damage output potential, all Guardians must supercharge themselves by slamming all 3 SIVA plates. These plates will not be available until after all the Servitors are killed. Once all plates are slammed, Krillnex will temporarily shut off for 30 seconds, thus beginning the damage phase. However, not all Guardians will be able to pump damage into him immediately. Those who slammed the plates when this phase begins will receive the SIVA Plague debuff, which will kill anyone who hasn't ran toward the spark of Light in the center of the arena. Players with this plague have ten seconds to cleanse themselves with the spark.

Extraction Crews[edit]

After the damage phase, Krillnex will instantly turn on again and teleport out of the arena entirely and call in his extraction crews. This will be signified by Splicer Skiffs entering the arena and dropping off Glimmer Drills as well as some Devil Splicer troops. There will be 30 seconds to successfully fend off all reinforcements before Krillnex shows up again. If the objective is not complete, then he will activate a critical density of SIVA and the entire raid team will instantly die.