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The Dread





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SolarS.png Idolater Scepter


High durability
SolarS.png Fire blast
SolarS.png Radiant Blessing
SolarS.png Burn
SolarS.png Restorative Spirit
SolarS.png Curing Harmony
Aerial Dodge
Midair Flight
KineticS.png Touchdown
Summon Taken
Summon Dread (all except Tormentors and Subjugators)


Idolaters are powerful humanoid entities commanded by the Witness, its Disciples and allies. They are agile entities that wield powerful Scepters and Paracausal healing abilities.


Idolaters are thin and spindly vaguely humanoid constructs with reptilian features. They share similar appearance traits to Tormentors, Evocators and Subjugators with long arms and black claws with four fingers. Their skin appears to be made of the same material as objects found in Pyramid structures, including their arms being made from a similar glass-like material. They are capable of flight like Grim.

Like most of the Dread, the Idolaters are based on one of its Disciples from a race that the Witness had conquered in the past pulled from its memories and transfigured using the stolen Light of the Traveler.


Idolaters are powerful healer units that stick in the rear of enemy forces. Its main method of attack is firing blasts of SolarS.png Solar energy from its hand or Scepter. If a Guardian gets too close to melee them, they can use their Scepter as a melee weapon. Occasionally, they will thrust their Scepter upward to create a Well of Solar energy that seeks out allies within a short range of the Idolater that applies SolarS.png Cure to them. They can also slam their Scepter on the ground to create a pool of fire that applies SolarS.png Burn.

However, the most notable thing about Idolaters is their Healing capabilities. They can heal their allies through SolarS.png Restorative Spirit which sends a wisp of healing SolarS.png Solar energy to the nearest ally, granting them SolarS.png Restoration. They can also empower their allies with SolarS.png Radiant Blessing, which boosts their outgoing damage. These abilities will be indicated to the player when they begin to draw energy from their Scepter into their other hand which they will crush, dispersing the energy to all their allies in the vicinity. However, knowing which Healing ability it's casting is determined by a symbol above its Scepter which will be a Triangle for SolarS.png Restorative Spirit, a square for SolarS.png Radiant Blessing, and a Circle for SolarS.png Curing Harmony the Well of Energy that it has a significant telegraph for that it's casting this. This can be interrupted by either a powerful shot to an Idolater's Scepter, its Head, or certain Guardian abilities that VoidS.png suppress, StasisS.png freeze, or StrandS.png suspend. Idolaters are capable of summoning Taken, and Dread excluding Subjugators and Tormentors.

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