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The House of Cannon is a house based off fighting. They are led by Haltrix. They are also based in the EDZ and Tangled Shore. They are notable by black or green.



After Haltrix betrayed the House of Blades, he took his followers to Callisto.

War Against Darkness[edit]

Upon arriving on Callisto, the house encountered Hands of Darkness. They engaged them, pushing the Hands of Darkness back. They engaged other species on Callisto such as The Crimson Legion. They sent a squad led by Velikar, the Supplier to infiltrate Firebase Flame and establish a foothold. They also created a Gateway to Arkivii there. Meanwhile, Haltrix discovered Alpha Base and formed a hideout there. At some point, the Guardian discovered one of their Sniper Nests on Nessus. They purged the base of the squads defending it and discovered the new houses.

The Contract[edit]

"Who the heck even is this bloke. Thinking he can walk in here and make some deal out of no where."
— Starix

So, while Velikar’s troops were smuggling stolen Cabal supplies out of Firebase Flame, Haltrix had a new problem. A mysterious person had contacted one of his Vandals in the Tangled Shore. This person promised to fund his house with advanced weaponry, extra Skiffs and other support in exchange for Haltrix’s body once he dies. Confused by this, Haltrix consulted his closest allies. Meeting with them within Arkivii. Farvok, Valik, and Haltrix’s most trusted, Starix. Consulting for a long time, they finally came up with a plan. They planned to accept this man’s offer as they didn’t see what they had to lose, but first they needed to investigate him. They sent a squad led by Trelkik to stalk him. Upon Trelkik arriving at the Tangled Shore he was greeted by another squad of Fallen. The squad told him that they were an extra support squad and were the original people to encounter the mystery person. They said they already had a lead on him. Following the lead, they arrived at Shipyard AWO/23 where the mystery man and his workers were loading Siva Canisters into a Harvesters. Radioing in to command, he asked what they wanted him to do. They gave him an order to confront the man, so Trelkik went down there.

The Shootout[edit]

"Well, well, well. If it isn’t our little mystery contractor."
— Trelkik

Trelkik and his squad came out to them. Trelkik was armed with a Shrapnel Rifle. Other than him, the only other Captain was the leader of the first squad. The other Captain had a Shock Blade in a sheath by his leg, similar to a duelist. He also had a Shock Pistol in a holster. Other than that, they had eight Vandals and three Dregs. Trelkik taunted Cane and Cane simply laughed. His forces were ready for combat but Cane raised his hand, calling it off. He explained that the contract meant that once Haltrix died, Cane would take him but only once he died(which Cane expected would be soon.) He then told them that in exchange they would have extra Ether, Glimmer, advanced weaponry, and a lot of information. As an extra, if they ever needed Cane’s help they would only have to ask for his name in Spider’s Palace. He radioed High command to see what his response would be and they told him to say the House agreed. After that, the group returned to the base.

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