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Fury of Akildis
Biographical information




Fallen Commodore


Emperor Traditionalists


Heavy Elite Enforcement


The Void Unfurls
Patrol the Decrepit Wastes
Heroic Public Events

Combat information


Arc Turrets
Servitor Rockets
Annihilation Blaster
Missile Strikes


High Durability
Limited Flight
Summon Fallen
Concussion Blast
Immunity Shield
Summon Shield Drones
Summon Skiffs


The Fury of Akildis are a group of Brigs, belonging to the House of Emperors' Traditionalists. They are programed to serve as the will of Akildis, the Kell of Emperors and enforce her rule over the Emperors' position within the Decrepit Wastes, and can be seen in the Heroic version of Public Events. One of these Brigs can also be seen in the first Mission of the Void Within Campaign.


The Fury of Akildis Brigs acts almost identically to Fallen Commodore in size and abilities, using their Servitor rocket, Arc Turrets, the Annihilation Blaster cannon, once their faceplate is blown off or is highly weaken, as well as their intensified Ground stomp/slam attack. Although during the mission when the player faces them, they will use of Shield Drones, similar to Praksis, the Technocrat. Which when they lose thirds of their health, they will summon a single Shield Drone to project a immunity shield for these Brigs. Best to destroy these Shield Drones to break their shielding to keep damaging them. They will also summon Fallen forces and Skiffs to help defend the Fury of Akildis.



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