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Argos, Planetary Core
Argos Thumb.jpg
Biographical information




Unidentified Vex collective


Vex Mind



Combat information


Leviathan, Eater of Worlds


Quantum Mines
Void Aeon Maul
Supplicant Missiles


Prism Barrier
Altar of Flames
Temporal Shockwave
Wrath of Argos
Detainment Prism
Arc Force Cage
Gravity Smasher
High Durability
Summon Vex


When the Leviathan Raid first came out, I was growing skeptical, even cynical, of Bungie's ability to create fun and challenging endgame encounters. It was an absolute mess. It's somehow boring and frustrating all at once. But thankfully, with the recent Raid Lair that was released with Curse of Osiris, I can safely say that Argos, Planetary Core has the fortune of being the boss of one of the most well-designed raid-type encounters I have ever played. It's not mechanically complex, but it still requires a bit of a puzzle to be put together before damaging the boss. You're not always going to be killing something, but it's tense enough for you to pay attention to the other enemies.

It's this equal mix of combat and mechanics that make for genuinely fun and challenging encounters. And that's not even talking about the scale at which this boss fight occurs. We need more massive, intimidating bosses like this! It makes the fight seem all the more awesome! But with Prestige Mode coming out surely adding an extra challenge, let's space things up a bit.

Phase 1[edit]

To obtain the Vex cranium weapons needed to disarm the Quantum Mines, you need to kill Quantum Minotaurs that randomly spawn around the arena. The color of their shield will determine which cranium they will drop: blue drops Arc, orange drops Solar, purple drops Void. These will need to go a designated altar. Then, you charge these craniums over by the Vex altars as normal. Although, standing in altar for too long will inflict a short burning effect, so watch out for that.

Phase 2[edit]

The Vex craniums are acquired in the same way they were in phase 1, but Argos gains two new attacks on top of his previous ones: when its prism barrier is up, it will unleash a temporal shockwave as well as fire a concentrated Solar beam from its eye. Once the cranium weapons are charged, those wielding them are to bring the energy balls together as normal, but will only partially deactivate one face of the barrier. This part must be shot down with extra craniums to damage Argos.


These changes may not sound major, but they should provide an extra layer of challenge. It's certainly more fun and engaging than Calus.