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This article is about the incarnation of Aksor in the Twisted Fate AU. For the canonical Aksor, see Aksor, Archon Priest.
Aksor, Archon Priest
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Biographical information




House of Kings (formerly)
House of Winter (temporary)
House of Wolves




Rising Archon (formerly)





Combat information


Winter's Run


Shrapnel Launcher
Incendiary Grenade (Nightfall)


High Durability
Rapid Movement
Summon Fallen
Ultra Smash
Berserk Mode
Burn (Nightfall)


Aksor is a Fallen Archon of the House of Wolves and is the boss of the Winter's Run Strike mission. During the Reef Wars he would be detained within the Prison of Elders, before being broken out by the House of Winter in an attempt to resurrect Simiks Prime.


First being born into the House of Kings and living as a Rising Archon, Aksor later defected to the House of Wolves as he viewed them as "a stronger House". During his time with the Wolves he ascended among their ranks and eventually became the Archon to Kaliks Prime after the now-disgraced Fikrul.

He was well-known as a menace during the Reef Wars as he led numerous attacks on both human and Awoken settlements to claim them for the House of Wolves, and even managed to breach the walls of the Last City several times, before finally being captured and held within the Prison of Elders. Later on, the House of Winter would hire the mercenary Taniks to break into the prison and free the Archon in a plan to rebuild their Prime Servitor and recruit Aksor into their house. Despite his personal dislike for Aksor as an "impotent" Archon, Taniks did acknowledge his deeds during the Reef Wars and set him free nonetheless.

Aksor would later be transported by Winter in a stasis pod to their stronghold on Venus, where they began restoring the Archon to strength by infusing his cell with Ether to compensate all that had been drained from him during his time in the prison. Acknowledging his threat the Vanguard deployed a strike team of Guardians to the Winter's Run where they would face the now newly-restored Archon personally, before bringing him to a swift end.


Despite having most of the same abilities, Aksor uses more aggressive tactics than an average Ultra Captain. For starters, he will continuously advance on the player's position while hammering them with a heavily modified Shrapnel Launcher that fires in bursts. He will continue to push forward until he comes close enough to perform an Ultra Smash, which is faster and has increased knockback. He will also frequently use his teleportation ability to get a clear shot, disrupt the player's line of sight, or to quickly close the distance between him and his target in order to send them flying backward with a ground slam.

When most of Aksor's health has been depleted, he will go into his Berserk state and will sprint towards the player, persistently chasing them down until he manages to hit them with his melee ability or until he is killed. Aksor will also begin to teleport far more frequently in this phase to evade oncoming attacks or to get up close for an Ultra Smash.

In the Nightfall version of his Strike, Aksor will gain two more abilities that serve to make him more dangerous. The first is that he will occasionally throw out Shock Grenade-like bombs that deal Solar damage with their explosions and leave behind long-lasting pools of fire. The second is that he will release a Solar wave attack that spreads across the entire arena, afflicting anyone not behind cover with the 'Burning' debuff for a short time. He will also go into his Berserk state any time whenever he loses a certain portion of his health. Aksor will also summon Major High Servitors to surround him in an immunity shield until they are destroyed.

Upon death, Aksor has the chance to drop the Lord of Wolves Exotic Shotgun.


  • Though Aksor is a member of the House of Wolves by the time he is encountered in-game, he still wears the colors of his former house of Kings, the banners of which are also displayed on his stasis pod.
  • Keldar, Archon Priest has a stronger authority than Aksor as the servant of Orbiks Prime, due to Orbiks Servitors having authority over the Kaliks line.
  • In the Taken War version of the Strike, Aksor is replaced by a Taken known as Nixis, Hunger of Oryx.

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