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12 Days of Trial


Destiny 2

Quest giver:



Draw out Krampos, the Axis Mind of the Null Apathetic by sabotaging it's operations.


The TRYM-G Sword
Interplanetary Materials
Writhing Idols
Powerful Rewards
Access to Krampos

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The 12 Days of Trial is a Quest involving varying objectives with the intent to sabotage the Null Apathetic and draw out Krampos, a Vex Mind with a quaint hatred for The Dawning. Here, The Guardian and their friends, with the occasional help of Darumel, partake in these challenging festivities to end the influence of the Null Collective once and for all,... and teach the Hive-mentored, wish-dragon scrooge that there's more to the Dawning than gifts.

The Days of Trial[edit]

Trial 1: The Null Apathetic[edit]




Finding the Nodes

Strange Sources


Destiny 2


The Dawning



Recommended Power Level:



Arcadian Valley, Nessus


Investigate a strange energy source emanating deep within Nessus.

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The first objective of the 12 Days of Trial is to complete a mission on Nessus, where The Guardian is sent to investigate a mysterious disturbance. After arriving in the Inverted Spire, they are ambushed by a squad of Null Collective Vex who attempts to overwhelm and kill the intruder(s) within the Radiolarian arena. The goal here is to survive the Vex onslaught, first is a wave of high hovering Harpies, a massive wave of Goblins followed by a few Minotaurs. After that, the ground will disintegrate, leading to the next arena. This wave will mainly consist of Hobgoblin Snipers overlooking the arena on floating platforms, Goblins, melee-focused Minotaurs and a Quantum Cyclops in the center pedestal. After that wave, the platform will disintegrate once again, dropping the player(s) into the Radiolaian island, where they must fend off Fanatics, Finalizers, Goblins, Harpies and a boss Hydra, named the Tagyomos, Usurping Mind, will circle the arena (Tagyomos shares the same model and gameplay mechanics as the Sublimating Mind, Forge Warden, but can be distinguished by a bronze and tarnished frame and a neon red glowing from it's eyes, vents, "spine" and shield projectors on its shield). Once Tagyomos is destroyed, the remaining Vex will retreat, The Ghost and Darumel will converse on the uprising and the purpose of The Dawning afterwards before the mission finally ends. There, the player(s) will wait for the next day for their next move against the new Null Apathetic sub-type.

Trial 2: Vex Codes[edit]

Trial 3: Node Hunt[edit]

Trial 4: Gheros, Prospective Mind[edit]

Trial 5: The Carol Enigma[edit]

Trial 6: Apathetic Ambush[edit]

Trial 7: Lyranthion, Shattering Mind[edit]

Trial 8: The Inside Job[edit]

Trial 9: Prison Break[edit]

Trial 10: The Stolen Heist[edit]

Trial 11: The Iconoclastic Mind[edit]

Trial 12: Krampos, Apathetic Mind[edit]