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Nomination rules

  • Make sure it meets the requirements.
  • Copy/Use the following format:
== [[Article Name]] ==
'''Reason''': place your reason here.

'''Date of nomination''': place the date here
=== Votes ===
  • Neutral votes are unneeded; a simple yes or no would suffice.
  • Remember to use the Support and Oppose templates.
  • Each nomination will be open for one week. If it is approved, then there will be a one week waiting period before another article can be nominated. If the votes are split with no consensus by the end of the week, then the nomination will remain open for a second week before a final decision.
  • Three votes, two by administrators, are the minimum amount of support required to approve the article. If the votes for support beat the votes to oppose by seven votes, the article will be immediately approved without having to wait the rest of the week.
  • After nominating an article, place the featured article nomination template on the article's page.
  • If an article is not approved for featuring, it must wait one month before it can be nominated again.

Cabal (Approved)

Reason: This is an extremely comprehensive and well-constructed article based on what we know from the Cabal Grimoire cards, Guardian equipment, and various quotes and mission dialogues, especially given that they are one of the least known races in Destiny compared to others like the Hive and the Fallen; even the Vex, as alien as they are, have more stuff to their name than the Cabal. In light of all this, the article has been well-sourced, full of images, and illustrative quotes heading each section.

Date of nomination: 00:24, 19 December 2016 (EST)