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The Triumvirate


Destiny 2


Season of Specters

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The Triumvirate is the first mission in Season of Specters and it is the first time you meet Fenchurch Everis in-game.



{Cutscene} The scene fades into The Triumvirate standing in their Pyramid, looking out over the moon.

Revenek, the Necromancer: The Witness has let us form up a faction of three, now, let’s get the power and bestow it on The Witness. TBC

{In Orbit}

  • Jay-11: What the heck, who is this and why are you on our channel.
  • Ghost: Excuse me, who is this.
  • Jay-11: That’s classified. Stay out of our way.
  • Ghost: We’re going in.


  • Ghost: Stay alert. Something’s up.

-The Guardian spawns on the Moon where a Cabal base lies in front of them. They near the entrance and enter through an airlock.

  • Ghost: We’re in the Cabal Base. I’m detecting enemy signatures, be vigilant.

-The Guardian enters the lobby where corpses of Cabal litter the floors. They encounter a group of Hive bearing carapace similar to Savathun’s brood.

  • Ghost: What! Who are these Hive!

-The Guardian kills the hive and continues on before encountering a Fallen Vandal called a Dread Eater, a Splicer who begins taking into the Vex Network to form a Conflux. The Guardian kill’s them and starts deactivating the Conflux, while he does it a Darkblade attacks and the Guardian fends them off and kills the Darkblade.

  • Ghost: Those Fallen were trying to tap onto the Vex Network. What is happening here!

-Another Dread Eater appears, tapping into another Conflux. The same encounter as before happens but Instead of a Darkblade appearing, the Captain Gaval appears. The Guardian kills them and continued on. The Guardian comes across a command center where Acolytes and Knights pay homage to a Darkblade, Harak. Harak fights like a normal Darkblade except once he loses 1/4 health he summons a Dread Eater who uses Vex Tech to make a shield and must be killed to bring it down. The Guardian then enters a final hall where dead frames and Hive litter the hall, Fenchurch Everis stands there, wielding a Trespasser. He staggers forward.

  • Fenchurch: Oh you, yeah, Jay said told you not to come. Why did you even bother.
  • Ghost: We are Guardians of the Last City. Explain your operations here.
  • Fenchurch: Okay, okay. I work for a group called the Specters. A powerful group of Guardian spies. My friend back there, Jay, is sort of my mentor. We came here for a distress call from the Remnants that were trying to protect. My friend is through that door.

-The guardian fires at the door and breaks it. {Cutscene} - Revenek is holding an info core while Calark and Jay-11 fight. Calark is a powerhouse. Unleashing his scythe in almost every direction. Jay-11 is a storm of bullets. Dashing and activating his Golden Gun almost every time he dashes. The two are even matched, but Calark knocks Jay-11 back. Everyone notices Fenchurch and the Guardian.

  • Revenek: Time to go…

-Revenek and Calark transmit away.

  • Jay-11: Darn it!!! Ahh!!!



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