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Deciding Chances


Destiny 2


Season of Specters

Recommended Power Level:



Remnant 2,Europa


Learn information on the New Faction
Repel the attack
Defeat the Wraith

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Deciding Chances is the second mission in Season of Specters and takes The Guardian to their first Remnant on Europa.



{In Orbit}

  • Jay-11: Guardian, this is Jay. Since we have seemed to form an alliance, I need your help. I’ve sent a Fireteam to protect a Remnant on Europa. My organization, the Specters, is strong. But, we wouldn’t mind help protecting it.
  • Ghost: What is a Remnant?
  • Jay-11: A computer AI similar to a Ghost tasked with protecting its planet from destruction. It coordinates its plans with its brethren.
  • Ghost: Alright, then.

Gameplay -The Guardian spawns in the Eventide Ruins. They head into Riis Reborn Approach.

  • Jay-11: Okay. My second in charge, Dane, has given me info on this. But I sent him to Station 11, one of our HQ. He told me that they would target this place first.

-The Guardian gets near the bridge at Riis Reborn and sees a Pyramid in the distance. Near the bridge, Fallen and Hive are fighting Black and green Frames.

  • Jay-11: Crap! They’re here already.
  • Fenchurch: Jay, this is Fenchurch, we have boots on the ground and are nearing the core but have faced heavy resistance.
  • Midnight: Oh, shut up. Don’t send backup I need to get a higher kill streak.

-The Guardian kills the fallen and Hive while the Frames help them. They then enter the Riis Reborn area with the Splinter. Hive have surrounded it and are killing their Fallen Allies. Revenek, The Necromancer, a Krill disciple of the Witness stands there, tapping into the Darkness.

  • Jay-11: That looks bad. We can’t do anything about it though. Continue on.

-The Guardian continues and finds a door they’ve never seen before. They enter it into a new and more advanced area. They defeat the few Fallen in there and reach an area where two Fallen Captain wait.

  • Nalkris: Kill him.

-As Nalkris transmits away as Arvok, Champion engages the Guardian and is killed. The Guardian continues through the facility before reaching a cavern with a huge Cabal style door at the end. Two skiffs are stationed. In the middle a Captain is kneeling and Revenek is standing before them as the captain worships them.

  • Revenek(Whispering): Rise.

-The Indomitable Wraith rises as a door on the far right opens and three guardians enter.

  • Fenchurch:Move in, Midnight, take main. Calon set up in back, get ready to cover us.

-The guardians all engage the indomitable wraith who only uses stasis maces as their weapons however it has an insane amount of health. Eventually they defeat the wraith.

  • Jay-11: Good job. Now hurry. Don’t let them get the core!

-The Guardian goes through the giant door to the main room of the Remnant where Calark and Revenek await. Calark is holding an Exo by the neck.

  • Jay-11: Oh no! That’s an emissary of the Remnant. They hold the core and soul of the Remnant.

-Calark twists his arm, breaking the Exo’s neck. Calark drops the Exo and uses Darkness to teleport away with Revenek. The Guardian gains a chest and the mission over sign appears.

  • Jay-11: Oh no. We don’t have much time. I need to tell my deputy.

(Mission ends)


House of Salvation


Indomitable Wraith
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