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"*Maniacal Laughter* We gon' crush. Human. Scum! *More Maniacal Laughter* An' offa it skull to mastas! *Even More Maniacal Laughter*"
— Tribal taunting The Guardian
Da Tribal Gits

Focal world(s):



Do wat eva we wan'!


Tatoos, skulls, an' spike fings!

Notable groups:

Skull Bois
Desat Stompas

Notable individuals:

Purty lass
Big git im' selv


"Me like witin' things! But me like def mor! *In distance* Hey! What in Acrius' name are you doing on my console!? Uh-oh! Me go run now! *Gunfire*"
— Unknown Tribal getting all up in my damn business

Ahem! Deeply sorry about that, didn't expect an idiot like him to find this site. So!

The Tribals

Focal world(s):



Blindly and STUPIDLY obey their clearly more intelligent leaders!


Bone strewn armor
Scorn-like Iconography
Ramshackle Tech

Notable groups:

The Skulls
Desert Crushers

Notable individuals:

Vulpis Nine-Tails
Cheghik Bone-Crusher


The Tribals are a bunch of moronic Fallen and Cabal united under their mutual associate leaders. Although completely incompetent and unable to understand any logic, their prowess in battle is nothing to be underestimated.


Now, their backstory is honestly quite interesting. So, after the Red War- *Loud metal bang* Ow... *Loud thud* Ooh, wee! Now it me turn! Let me, Meniss Bak-Craka tell da story ov Nin-Tail and Bon-Crusha!

Befo Meniss Bak-Craka start shootin' big gun, Skul Bois an' Stompa Gits shoot each otha! Boom! Gak-Gak-Gak! Sooo fun! Den dey crash on Erf. Aldou big shooties no longa shootin', Skuls an Gits still shoot each otha! It so fun! Den, Nin-Tail an Big Git show up. Dey sid, "You shoot big gun, so we giv mo'!" An we Skuls an Gits got guns to shoot mo'! So we shoot togetha! We hav one gol! Shoot otha gits! Shoot da Dusk Bois, an' Red Gits, an' Crawly Gits, an' Stompa Gits, an' Spooky Gits! But mos impotantly, we shoot stoopid Lightbearer Gits! So we shoot an' shoot an' shoot! We shoot 'til dere no mo' Gits! No mo' Big Stompa Fingies, no mo' Big Crawly Gits, an' no mo' Stoopid Lightbearers! No mo' an' shoot each ova again!


We is da cooles bois da sysem eva seen! We- *Groaning in the distance* Oh no! Wer is da bangy stik? [Hello, M.O.M.A activated :). Rebooting systems.] *Nuh... uh* Gotta fin bangy stik! [Censor mode activated ;)] *Noh... you're going to get it mothe-[Data Expunged :O] Get over here you son of a [Data Expunged T_T]!* Oh- [Time Elapsed: 12 Minutes, 43.9 Seconds] NOOOO! Give me my Headhunter Rifle Barrel and stop screaming like a [Data Expunged X(] Kinderguardian! NOOOO! Ow! You son of a- [Time Elapsed: 56 Minutes, 12.4 Seconds] Alright, I think... I've ran him... him off. Ahem! So!

Physiologically, the Tribals haven't changed. What makes them different is their psychological degradation due to low-spread Taken radiation found around the Valkis-Syn and Lupi Dominus XI crash sites. Although they are capable of self-thought and speech, their psychological states has reduced them into powerful and feral creatures.

In Tribal tradition, whether it be the Fallen Skulls or the Cabal Desert Crushers, they believe that the way of killing is the fundamental way of life. In this fashion, you could say that the Tribals are practically agents of the Darkness. They aren't universally smart, but are found successfully fusing weapons and technology together. They don't usually have any strategy in their attacking, unless commanded by one of Vulpis' or Chegik's lieutenants, as they are usually seen charging and firing at their foes.


Head Commanders[edit]

Notable Characters[edit]

Unique Forces[edit]