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Stargazer (Quest)

Welcome to the Hall of Heroes
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Destiny 2: Lightfall

Quest giver:

Quinn Laghari


Investigate a Vex attack at the Hall of Heroes.


Welcome to the Hall of Heroes is an introductory Quest in Lightfall, unlocked post-campaign once the Hall of Heroes is available for free roam exploration. Players can receive this quest by interacting with the mobile platform of Quinn Laghari, the official Chief Archivist of the city of Neomuna.[1]



  • QUINN LAGHARI: Well, you found me. This is the day job. Chief Archivist Quinn Laghari... librarian to the stars! The sabotage thing is just a side gig. And I am grateful for all your skullduggery, by the way. My day job is a lot more filing. Anyway, this is where I'd usually show you around, maybe buy you a drink, but I got an eensy-weensy crisis. Lemme just— What? N-No, NO! Do not core-dump! Ah! Dumb machine! Uh... OK. Why don't you take a look around while I get to a good stopping point?

Interact with Quinn to get the following text prompt:

"Well, this is a mess," Quinn says, indicating the broken memorials behind her. "But at least you kept the Veil safely in Neomuna! You know, it keeps the CloudArk running; we'd be lost without it. And on top of that, we haven't even scratched the surface on what it has to say about Darkness."

"Most immediately urgent is the broken memorials. The battle with Calus brought CloudArk security briefly offline, and some anomalous signal patterns were broadcast unsecured, coinciding almost perfectly in timing with the activation of the Veil. The Vex broke in immediately afterward, and destroyed five specific Cloud Strider memorials before retreating. Clearly a precision strike, but the question is, why?"

Cloud Strider memorials house all of their personal and professional records for future generations to study. Quinn is sure the answer is somewhere in the destroyed files. With any luck, Ghost's advanced sensors can help her pull data from the destroyed memorial servers and get a clearer picture of why the Vex undertook such a risky attack.

"Go take a look around the Hall first, all right? Get a good picture of how this place is in the parts that aren't on fire, learn a little about Neomuna that doesn't involve sabotage or explosions. Then you can circle back to the memorials, do some scans, and hopefully blow my socks off with what you and Ghost can pick up."

Explore the Hall of Heroes to learn more about Neomuna and about the Cloud Striders represented by the damaged memorials.

  • QUINN LAGHARI: OK, so... remember when you stopped Calus, saved the city, and looked good doing it? When the Witness made that connection after, it rebooted all our CloudArk security. Guess the Vex noticed, because they busted in here and blew up five of my memorial servers. The audacity, right? Each server is nano-constructed from a Cloud Strider's core drive, and filled with all their logs and records. They're irreplaceable! It's not like the Vex to destroy so — so randomly. There's gotta be a connection, probably on those wrecked servers. But any data connecting these five Striders was in the servers they blew up! Long story short, your buddy, Ghost, has some sensors I've never seen before, so I thought maybe he could help me scrape the data? Just go take a look at those damaged memorials. See if you can pick up anything.

Step 1[edit]

Explore the Hall of Heroes audio tour.

  • Information found: 8

Quinn needs a few minutes to resolve her computer problems. Take the Hall of Heroes audio tour while you wait.


The Guardian interacts with the kiosk by the entrance.

  • QUINN LAGHARI: Welcome, Neomuna, to the Hall of Heroes, where history lives on in you. The Earth author Peter S. Beagle once wrote, "There is no immortality but a tree's love." No one dies, so long as they are remembered. So join me, City Archivist Quinn Laghari, as we learn about the great heroes who have made our impossible city a reality.

The Guardian interacts with the kiosk near Quinn.

  • QUINN LAGHARI: Hi, I'm Quinn Laghari, City Archivist. It's my job to keep the past alive and help shape the future. With so much history lost to the First Collapse, preserving humanity's knowledge is one of Neomuna's highest priorities. If we do not know who we have been, can we truly decide who we shall become?

Quinn interjects sardonically.

  • QUINN LAGHARI: I hate those things. They made me re-record all my originals. Apparently, my take on history can be "too sarcastic."

The Guardian interacts with the kiosk at the farmost right wall.

  • QUINN LAGHARI: Altruism. Affinity. Awareness. These aren't just the Cloud Striders ideals. They are the soul of Neomuna. Each of the memorials filling this room is a server dedicated to the life of a fallen hero, made from their own augmented systems. Every communication and journal detailing their noble sacrifice is available not only for future Cloud Striders to study, but you as well. The truest way to honor our city's champions is by using their experience to improve ourselves.

The Guardian interacts with the kiosk near Rohan's memorial.

  • QUINN LAGHARI: Here in the Foyer of Arrivals rest noble Rohan. This special space honors both the beauty and the grief in a hero's passing. Since lockdown, so much of our city lived vicariously through our champion, and so we feel his loss more keenly. Every Cloud Strider embraces mortality. But in the lives they save and deeds recounted, they are timeless.

The Guardian interacts with the kiosk by the pillar on the right.

  • QUINN LAGHARI: The seed of each plant thrives in soil enriched by fallen leaves. All they are, from inception to fruit, is an echo of who came before. The plants grown here in the Hall of Heroes are all reclaimed species — extinct on Earth and restored on Neomuna. They are memories of a lost homeworld, returned to life thanks to the safety and prosperity our champions provide.

The Guardian interacts with the kiosk near the broken memorials.

  • QUINN LAGHARI: Every drop that falls eventually reaches its end, yet the river continues on. That lone drop is simply a shape the river takes for a time. The water within rejoins the flow, and continues on. Those loved ones who pass remain a part of us, forever shaping who we are and who we become.

The Guardian interacts with the kiosk by the pillar on the left.

  • QUINN LAGHARI: The poukas you see throughout the Hall of Heroes are attracted to the powerful emotions of visitors just like you. Over generations, they have acclimated to their Human neighbors. Cloud Striders routinely use emotional support poukas in training and therapy. They often select the friendliest chicks from those hatched right here, among their fallen predecessors.

The Guardian interacts with the kiosk by the foyer.

  • QUINN LAGHARI: The Founders came to Neptune in fear, desperate to survive the Collapse. The Traveler had left gardens on many planets and moons. But on Neptune, they found a harsh frontier of floating continents and dangerous storms. Compassion, cooperation, and innovation allowed them to survive, just as they now allow us all to flourish.

Step 2[edit]

Visit the damaged memorials to learn more about them and see what data can be savaged.

  • Ruins scanned: 4

Neomuna's sacred archive, the Hall of Heroes, has been attacked and the Archivist wants your help.


The Guardian scans the far-right broken memorial.

  • QUINN LAGHARI: Maelstrom. She was one of the city's greatest military leaders. Ended the Cobalt Occupation before she even became a Cloud Strider.

The Guardian scans the center-right broken memorial.

  • QUINN LAGHARI: Everybody loves him now, but... back when Bluejay was just Conrad Jain, the whole city hated his guts. Did all kinds of illegal sim research.

The Guardian scans the centermost broken memorial.

  • QUINN LAGHARI: The Strider. She was the very first official Cloud Strider. Losing her records hurts the most.

The Guardian scans the center-left broken memorial.

  • QUINN LAGHARI: Stargazer. You probably wouldn't expect a mathematician to be a great Cloud Strider, but I hear your Ikora Rey is kind of a nerd, too.

Step 4[edit]

Scan the remaining damaged memorial to see what data can be salvaged.

  • Memorial examined

Attackers destroyed several of Neomuna's sacred memorials, but maybe something can be salvaged.


The Guardian scans the far-left broken memorial.

  • QUINN LAGHARI: Siegebreaker. Telluride Magsi. He converted in the middle of the Twenty-Year Siege, and he ended it. But Vex captured his mentor, Puck. Magsi rescued Puck, but by then, the bots has stripped secrets from his brain. Old man couldn't handle the guilt. Took risks. Got hurt.
  • GHOST: That's — that's awful. And eerily similar to what Osiris went through. I wonder if Rohan learned how to counsel Osiris from—

The memorial fixes.

  • GHOST: Guardian! Your Strand, it's — what's happening?!
  • QUINN LAGHARI: You recreated the memorial! Nimbus said your Strand power could make things, but I didn't think they meant like this!
  • GHOST: Neither did we. I guess Neomuna's emotional connection to their heroes is strong enough to anchor this Strand creation permanently.
  • QUINN LAGHARI: I've read some academic studies on Veil transcription of the collective unconscious. I bet if I put you in cryo, I could—
  • GHOST: Quinn? Maybe we should focus on the Vex for now — why they attacked, and if they're coming back.
  • QUINN LAGHARI: Yeah, I guess you're probably more useful not frozen... right now. Let's see if we can figure out why the Vex broke in.

Step 4[edit]

The Archivist wants to discuss your new use for Strand.

  • Archivist visited

This new manifestation of your Strand powers might be exactly what the Archivist needs to solve her mystery.


"So I need you to restore Stargazer's records." Quinn's avatar radiates cheer. "All you need to do is sort of 'vibe' with Stargazer… the city's most famous explorer."

"The short version is, you must have tapped into some kind of connection with Siegebreaker. Emotional, experiential… something strong, whatever it was. So my theory is, to do the same thing with Stargazer, the best place to start is emulating them somehow, looking for that same connection. I could expound on the psychological and philosophical theories if you want. There's a lot of interesting research into the nature of consciousness, especially given the CloudArk… Maybe the city's belief in the Cloud Striders helped you anchor the memorial? Or maybe you're just that good at magic archaeology."

Quinn is overjoyed to have one monument back, and that scientific mind is hard at work on the best ways to get you to reconstruct the rest. Between your Strand capabilities and her historical knowledge, she's pretty clearly hoping you'll be able to restore all of the lost records. There's a whole city invested in the history of their heroes, after all. And ideally in the process, you can solve the mystery of the Vex attack.

  • QUINN LAGHARI: Built a data crawler app to scour Siegebreaker's database for mentions of the other four Cloud Striders targeted in that Vex attack. He references Stargazer! And some kind of secret "number-crunching algorithm". No context. So I need you to restore Stargazer's records. All you need to do is sort of "vibe" with Stargazer... the city's most famous explorer.


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