Scrap CF-717-91

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Scrap CF-717-91
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"Refurbished salvage recovered from the ruins of the original Tower."
— Ship description

Scrap CF-717-91 is a jumpship that appears to have been created utilizing salvaged materials from the original Tower. It is obtained by completing a puzzle challenge in the heroic version of Zero Hour on all three weekly singes (Void, Arc, Solar). On the sides of what appears to be two air intake units on the top of the ship, is the Drifter's symbol. Various canisters are affixed to the ship's hull in multiple spots, including the top of the ship and the rear. The center structure of the ship is salvaged from an unknown ship model, but bears minor resemblance to that of the Häkke Vimana class ships also released in Season of the Drifter. The ship's paint is scratched and peeling in numerous locations. Rust has accumulated atop the exposed surfaces.

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