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ABS Kastner[edit]

ABS Kastner is a conglomerate corporation prominently seen in the European Dead Zone and specialised in the fields of industry and consumer goods. The brand can be seen on industrial products such as generators and barrels, whilst its subsidiary brand is seen on the labels of fruit cans called "Fruchtmus".


Aeronautics of China[edit]




Eberhardt is an European retail chain and food processing company located in the European Dead Zone. The brand can be seen on green coloured canned food near Devrim Kay and on advertisements and murals in locations such as Terminus East and Maevic Square.



Grägerich or Riesebüro is a travel and tourism company seen on retain stores and large advertising murals across the European Dead Zone. In German, Reisebüro roughly translates to "travel agency".


HA is an industrial company specialising in the installation of pipes and manufacture of cement. Its piping systems can be seen across the Last City, Freehold, Ishtar Academy and Niobe Labs, whilst its cement products can be seen in the industrial areas of the European Dead Zone and Frontier.

Last City Brands[edit]

MH [ ][edit]

New Pacific Access[edit]




Sägewerk or Sägewerk Trostland is a defunct lumber company that operated from the Trostland regions of the European Dead Zone. In German, Sägewerk roughly translates to "sawmill".


Salzwerk or Salzwerk Trostland is a defunct salt mining company that operated from the Trostland regions of the European Dead Zone. It utilised heavy industrial equipment to extract and cultivate rock salt from the local sedimentary deposits. The remnants of its operations can be seen in locations such as Shaft 13 and Salt Mines. In German, Salzwerk roughly translates to "salt works".


Schnell is a multinational automative corporation who once manufactured a lot of Golden Age vehicles ranging from trucks, trains and buses. The Schnell brand can be seen across the European Dead Zone, but they have since relocated to the Last City and established a prominent office in the Botza District. Schnell's logo features the silhouette of a rabbit that is seen on advertisements and vehicles. The true extent of its wider business operations is unknown.

Spicy Ramen[edit]

Main article: Spicy Ramen Shop

Spicy Ramen is a chain of restaurants found in the Last City. They specialise in making Japanese ramen dishes consisting of wheat-flour noodles served in a bowl of broth with various other ingredients and spices.




Urbs Industria[edit]


Zervrelia or Zervrelia Damm is a power utility company responsible for constructing and operating the hydroelectric dam located in the European Dead Zone. The Zervrelia Dam, also known as The Reservoir, has five water outlets and two spillways, whilst its powerhouse has three hydroelectric turbine generators.

Zervrelia also had a drainage facility located in The Drain and constructed a sophisticated piping system that feature signages such as ZR 102, ZR 130 and ZR 500. The Dam was abandoned by Zervrelia and overtaken by the House of Devils and later by the Taken.

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