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Other name(s):

The Blood-Crazed
The Pack



Focal world(s):


At war with:



Scarred Faces

Average lifespan:


Notable groups:

Stormblood Tribe
Darkblood Tribe
Fangblood Tribe
The Bloodmoon Horde

Notable individuals:

Cregak, Storm Master
Drach, Dark Warlord
Zigash, The Beast
Zurom, Horde Queen


The Vukane are a species of Beastly-Like people, who are obsessed with Blood, going insane if they drink it.


Vukanes are a force to be reckoned with, especially when blood-crazed. They usually come in packs, blitz attacking unsuspecting victims. They enjoy a good hunt, and can easily be angered if their prey gets away. They do not like peace, because it makes them hungry, and if they get hungry, they become animals.

They hate almost everyone who come near their territories, but they specifically hate the Vanguard, due to them constantly attacking their homes.

They believe in a prophecy that if the Blood Moon comes out, that is a sign that the entire Solar System will become one big prey for them to hunt.


Warriors—These Vukane are the easiest to fight, due to them constantly charging. They fight with swords.

Brutes—Vukane who are basically the enforcers, and can deal huge damage if left unchecked. They are armed with clubs.

Archers—Vukane who are the ranged masters. They wield Bows.

Bloods—Vukane who have drank blood. They are absolute animals, and can overwhelm anyone if in huge numbers.

Shamans—Powerful Casters who can teleport and can summon other Vukane. But when in melee, they can be killed with one hit, excluding Majors and Ultras.

Immortals— The leaders of the Vukane, they can rally other Vukane to fight for them. They are armed with Dual Swords and Bows.