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Reel Leonph, the Headhunter
Biographical information


Human-Vex hybrid




Warlock (Voidwalker)




6 ft.

Combat information


Error Code: Ahead
The Real Reel


Torch Hammer
1000 Yard Stare


Nova Bomb
Advocate of Xivu
Vortex Grenade



Reel Leonph is a Guardian who was an apprentice of Zavala and eventually fell from the Light who was been last seen on Mercury. He has been known to take the heads of all the bipedal Vex units. What he does with the heads were unknown until The Guardian assassinated him and discovered the truth that he was using them to try and build his own army.


Reel was on an expedition to the Infinite Forest to find Osiris but three of his members were killed, another was lost to time, and his sister, Veal, was shot by a Vex mind, Apollo, Restorative God. Reel managed to escape but eventually became ill due to him being shot by Apollo when he tried to escape and was infected. Trying to fight against the infection he made a deal with the Hive Goddess Xivu Arath. Through the deal, the Radiolaria was dispelled but became obsessed with revenge against the Vex and due to the Darkness, was manipulated to fall from the light even though if he succeed, he'd die as well.

Raising the Campaign of Darkness and Death[edit]

Reel returned to the Mercury to create an army by destroying the Vex and rebuilding them to serve him. Once the Guardian was alerted by Ikora to check on Mercury and upon finding nothing but headless Vex and no Harpies or Hydras, they scan a Vex chassis to find that a knife belonging to Reel was found in it's Radiolaria pod. With a continued pursuit of Reel, they eventually pin him down and fight Reel but he managed to escape by sacrificing his Ghost. Upon finding him again, the Guardian succeeded to assassinate him for good.


During the first encounter in the mission, Error Code: Ahead, Reel hovers in the air and has a Torch Hammer and plus often uses Vortex Grenades and often uses the ability Advocate of Xivu and is similar to the Grasp of the King ability used by Oryx and his Echos. If he succeeds with the spell, he uses his Nova Bomb and will kill you in one hit but is slower than the normal Nova Bombs used by player Guardians. In the second encounter, he has the weapon 1000 Yard Stare and his abilities activate much faster and and hover much higher than normal. When he reaches approximately 3% health, he uses a Nova Bomb but instead of shooting it, he uses it similar to a Fist of Havoc. If you don't kill him before he reaches you, you will die.


  • "I'm the last of the true Guardians! Guardians should partner with anything or anyone as long as it prolongs their survival!"
  • "I've never been killed! I won't start now!"
  • "These Vex are very interesting. All of their parts, no matter what type of chassis their linked to, they still work. I must see how far this goes. Think of the possibilities. A Gate Lord with a Line Rifle and Harpy wings and turrets! Soon, I'll find a way to get rid of this Raidiolaria infection and make an army to support the city from their competitors. Time to begin my army."