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Reaper Calziks
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Calziks, the Ripper
Reapers' Scythe










Enforcement Reaper



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Ravaged Land


Scorch Basilisk
Flashbang Grenade
Scorch Grenade


Arc Shield
Blurred Debuff
Bleeding Effect
Redness Effect
Burning Debuff
Blindness Effect
Scorched Debuff
Reaper's Grasp
Collateral Scrape
Overcharge Debuff
Voltage Rising
Invisibility Tech
Reaper's Mark Debuff
Ultra Smash Melee
Reaper's Vengeance
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Summon Reapers


Reaper Calziks is the leader of the Reaper clans established by the Denigrates.


Main Attacks[edit]

Calziks is armed with a Scorch Basilisk heavy weapons system which has three separate functions: Scorch Cannon-like rockets that attach to targets and surfaces and inflict hazy vision upon detonation; machine gun projectiles which inflict stacking bleeding and redness effects for each successive hit; and a flamethrower to quickly burn all targets within range. She also tosses out Flashbang Grenades to blind her adversaries as well as Scorch Grenades which leave behind a pool of flames upon detonation which will scorch anything that passes through it. When faced at point blank range, Calziks will grab the player with her offhand arm and scrape them against a nearby surface for massive damage over time; shooting her arms will release the victim.

High Voltage[edit]

Upon first sight, Calziks will be covered in an Arc shield that renders her completely immune to damage, allowing her to continuously pursue her assailants with her Scorch Basilisk as well as send in waves of lesser Reapers for reinforcements. Shooting her when this shield is activated will cause the floor to be covered in an Overcharge Field, which will shock and slow anyone that stands on it, signalling the arrival of a pack of Charged Security Reapers, a stronger variant of the Security Reaper which has an Arc shield (instead of the usual Void) and the ability to fly through the air. These Reapers will drop an Arc charge upon death; picking up a charge will amplify the effects of the shocking debuff inflicted by the Overcharge Field. The charges must be thrown at Calziks' shield to disable it. She will remained stunned for 20 seconds afterwards, enabling the player to damage her during this game.

Reaper's Mark[edit]

When Calziks' health reaches 50%, her Arc shield permanently drops, but will choose to turn invisible and teleport to a random location. At this time, one random player will be inflicted with the Reaper's Mark debuff, which will cause them to be targeted by all nearby enemies. Whoever carries this debuff, however, also plays a central role in detecting Calziks, as they given the faint traces left behind by her and she can only be spotted by the one bearing the mark. She will change locations every 30 seconds. Once Calziks has been spotted, she will stomp the ground to release a large shockwave that knocks players up and remain visible for 10 seconds at a time before disappearing again. Burst damage is necessary within those moments.

Reaper's Vengeance[edit]

When her health reaches 25%, Calziks enter a permanent rage, granting her faster movement speed, more frequent teleportation, higher weapon accuracy and fire rate, kinetic damage resistance, slow health regeneration, and the ability to use her attacks to inflict a debuff called Reaper's Vengeance, which greatly slows players down and prevents them from running, jumping, and using their melee abilities. She will remain in this state until dead.