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Other name(s):



The Last City
The Cosmodrome
European Dead Zone


Hybridized Supersoldiers


Heavy Response
Special Enforcement
Direct Assault


Chamber Breakout
Raider Patrol


Dr. Spencers (formerly)
Reaper Calziks
Corruptor Hargolth
Machination Volkrion
Crusher Gralurk

Notable information:

Four twitchy arms
Chitinous exoskeletons
Automated perception
Increased muscle mass


"I was entrusted with an incredibly ambitious project. They hoped for me and my researchers to live up to the public's hopes. But something within them cut this process short. I need someone to correct my horrible mistake before this goes any further."
— Dr. Spencers

The Denigrates are a collective of former Fallen, Hive, Vex, and Cabal specimens that were genetically hybridized to create a new breed of supersoldiers that were intended to form a greater line of defense for The Last City, to eventually be deployed alongside Guardian Fireteams. After breaking free of the control of their creator, City Research Lead Dr. Spencers, they have since started to plunder any remaining settlements to establish the dominance of their raider clans.


A lone, humble scientist by the name of Dr. Spencers once led a research team dedicated to analyzing the nature of the City's enemies and using them for the greater good. His efforts were initially met with skepticism from the public, until he hired a private Guardian sector to capture live specimens of Fallen, Hive, Vex, and Cabal by force from across the Solar System and have them returned to his laboratory for future experimentation and eventual hybridization. Dr. Spencers' escalation of efforts earned him the rank of City Research Lead. With this title, he was entrusted to find a way to utilize his project for the good of humanity.

He intended to create four different types of hybrids, with traits from one of each race appearing the most dominant. By splicing and combining their genetics, Dr. Spencers and his research team eventually came around to creating their first four specimens as the forefront of his project. For fear that the pioneer hybrid specimens would still be naturally hostile to humanity, he implanted mental harness devices into their brains to keep them under control. Without the researchers' knowledge, the devices triggered a response within their bodies that would allow their minds to resist their control. The apparent success of the hybridization encouraged Spencers to continue his experiments and create more specimens.

However, several days after creating masses of more hybrid specimens, the pioneering hybrids broke free of their mental harnesses and rallied the other hybrids under their command, causing an armed insurrection against their creators. Breaking into the vaults where their combat equipment was being locked away, the experiments slaughtered the research team, save for Dr. Spencers, who quickly realized his mistake and evacuated the scene without a second thought. Afraid he may lose his reputation, he sent his Guardian sector to track the escapees. Only one returned, heavily wounded, reporting that the monstrous hybrids have established their own raider clans which assist each other in pillaging all forms of established settlements. With no choice left, he called upon The Guardian to contain the threat he had unwillingly unleashed onto the world.

Reaper Clan Forces[edit]

Reapers are specimens whose physiology is predominantly Fallen, with more pronounced Ether-covered limbs laden with spikes which allow them to cling to and even traverse vertical surfaces, but also show some hints of chitin on their bodies as well as automated perception and increased muscle mass. They generally prefer to overwhelm their foes with unrelenting aggression and swarm tactics.

  • Fodder Reaper—Basic infantry that relies on small arms and strength in numbers. Constantly rushes towards their targets with Toxin Knifes laced with a poison that disorients and damages their victims over time. Occasionally fights from range using a Scorch Pistol that fires Solar bolts in 5-round bursts that will inflict a short burning effect whenever a full burst connects with its target.
  • Aerial Reaper—Airborne units equipped with Reaper Jets to engage in airborne combat. Can perform dodging and flanking maneuvers while in midair. Armed with semi-automatic Toxin Rifles loaded with poison darts that inflict lingering bleeding and slowness effects on their victims. Tosses Scorch Grenades that leave behind a pool of fire upon detonation. Will crash land whenever their Reaper Jets are destroyed, giving off a violent explosion that could break a Guardian's shield albeit within a relatively short radius.
  • Storm Reaper—Fast-moving skirmishers equipped to distract and swiftly eliminate their foes with their blinding speed. Uses floor scurries and long-distance leaps to close the distance. Constantly jumps over their victims to confuse them, and will occasionally withdraw by digging underground and re-emerging behind cover. Armed with a fully-automatic Shock Shredder submachine gun that fires a flurry of fast-moving Arc bolts that inflict a debuff which briefly disables recovery after breaking a Guardian's shield. Throws Flashbang Grenades to disorient their targets and uses Shock Knives in close combat, shocking and slowing their victims.
  • Lance Reaper—Tactical units outfitted with superior equipment and utilities for maximum versatility. Outfitted with an Arc shield. Armed with long-range, charge-powered Filament Rifles which fire a slow-to-fire, but fast-travelling and highly-damaging Void bolt which knocks their target down upon a precision shot and briefly disables jumping upon a non-precision shot. Fights from medium range with Null Pistols which fire slow Void seeker bolts in ten-round bursts that causes blackout if a full burst hits its target. Occasionally uses a stealth device for infiltration. Uses dual Scorch Blades as melee weapons, burning all close combatants in their reach. Deploys Web Mines.
  • Enforcement Reaper—Large, resilient units that command their raiding parties with brute force. Outfitted with a Solar shield. Armed with a shoulder-mounted Scorch Basilisk heavy weapons system with three distinct functions: long-range seeking rockets which attach to targets and surfaces similarly to Scorch Cannons; medium-range, fully-automatic bullet streams that inflict constant bleeding effects and redden the view of the player; and a close-range flamethrower cone that quickly burns everything in its range. Equipped with a teleportation device. When faced at close range, it will sweep its offhand arms to grab any close combatants and eventually scrape them against a nearby surface to rapidly drain their health; shooting their arms will cause them to drop their victims.
  • Security Reaper—Heavily-built, spherical security drones designed for heavy support and sustenance of Reaper raiding parties. Outfitted with a Void shield. Fires a barrage of Void Reaper's Gaze rockets which each create a dome upon detonation that slows their victims once inside and temporarily jams their weapons, preventing them from being able to fire. Unleashes a wide, but fast-moving, explosive spread of Arc pellets which breaks Guardians' shields, prevents recovery, and causes blindness. Equipped with teleportation and stealth devices. Utilizes built-in shield rays that fully heal and shield all nearby Reapers, as well as inflict them with a buff that increases their damage output, movement speed, accuracy, and aggression for a short time. Deploys Web Mines and Trip Mines.

Corruptor Clan Forces[edit]

Corruptors are specimens whose physiology is predominantly Hive, with fiercer-looking, more distinguished chitinous exoskeletons that emit a short-range aura that poisons everything in their reach, but still show multiple pairs of arms, some form of automated senses, and increased muscle mass. They use a variety of dark spells to inflict a wide array of debilitating curses on their assailants.

  • Enraged Corruptor—Fodder enemies that are typically the first to respond to intruders in packs and with suicide tactics. Can occasionally climb on walls and traverse them at high speeds. Throws a flurry of Corrupted Grenades that release a swarm of mites that drain the health of their victims. Will lunge at their targets, pinning them to the ground and ultimately exploding to death, slowing all targets within its radius.
  • Frag Corruptor—Tactically intelligent first-response units which provide backup for nearby Corruptors. Deploys Corrupted Barricades to provide cover for their allies as well as Hive Traps for extra defense. Armed with a Slag Shredder that fires a flurry of small Void arrows similarly to a submachine gun, with each shot inflicting a stacking debuff that increases incoming damage for a short time. Throws Toxin Grenades that leave behind a poison grenade upon detonation. Retaliates against close combatants with a Corrupted Dagger.
  • Magus Corruptor—Powerful support, robed units which cast an arsenal's worth of spells. Outfitted with a Solar shield. Occasionally teleports to other distant locations and cloaks itself for stealth attacks. Releases ever-expanding, blinding pulses of Arc energy that disorients all targets within their radius. Fires a Void beam that latches on to its target, slowly draining their ability charges. Capable of launching Corrupted Blasts as large Solar spheres that track their targets and inflict a heavy burning effect upon detonation. Attacks close combatants with Electric Surges that inflict stacking shocking effects. Summons Vestiges.
  • Guardsman Corruptor—Heavily-armored frontliners deployed to respond with overwhelming suppressive fire. Outfitted with an Arc shield. Armed with an arm-mounted Corrupted Splinter which fires a fan of fast-moving Solar arrows that explode and leave behind a pool of fire, which inflicts its targets with lingering burn effects. Throws Swarm Grenades that unleash multiple mite swarms upon detonation that follow their target and rapidly drain their health as well as disable recovery for a short time. Attacks close combatants with a Grave Cleaver that inflicts a corrosion effect which decreases resilience and mobility for a short time.
  • Behemoth Corruptor—Large monstrous creatures that ultimately serve as the commanding role of Corruptor raiding parties. Outfitted with a Void shield. Equipped with deflective armor that causes all attacks directed at it to poison the assailant. Can fire a flurry of explosive Void eye blasts that create a Suppression Dome upon detonation, suppressing the abilities of all targets inside. Armed with a Corrupted Pounder warhammer capable of breaking Guardian shields and causing massive knockback. When faced at close range, they grab the player and employ their Decay Breath to quickly kill their victim; shooting the Behemoth's eye stops this. Once their armor breaks, their health and shields are fully restored and they start to rush the player head on, smashing the ground with their fist when they get within arm's reach.

Machination Clan Forces[edit]

Machinations are specimens whose physiology are predominantly Vex, built with cybernetic chassis that grant them fully automated sensory perception and a repair apparatus that slowly restores their life force, but still possess multiple pairs of arms, chitinous bodies, and increased muscle mass. They use a series of weapons and gadgets to efficiently confront their foes both directly and indirectly.

  • Assault Machination—Swarm infantry designed to engage threats in large numbers. Armed with a Machination Rifle that fires Solar bolts in ten-round bursts which will inflict a lingering burning effect if a full burst hits its targets. Upon low health, they move noticeably faster, throw Slap Grenades, and occasionally teleport short distances.
  • Conduit Machination—Sniper infantry deployed for reconnaissance roles and overwatch. Armed with a Machination Cutter charge-fired sniper rifle which fires a high-impact Void bolts that deals precision damage and cripples their targets, which knocks them down and hazes their vision. Throws Relapse Grenades which emit pulses that deal lingering damage and briefly disable recovery. Upon low health, they move noticeably faster and occasionally teleport short distances.
  • Blaster Machination—Tactical enforcer units equipped for heavy combat, utility, and demolition. Outfitted with a Void shield. Equipped with teleportation and stealth devices. Armed with dual Plasma Hammer rocket launchers that fire a barrage of seeking Arc warheads that disorient, slow, and deafen their targets upon detonation. Throws Weakness Grenades that reduce the outgoing damage of their targets. When on low health, they move noticeably faster and teleport more frequently.
  • Slasher Machination—Large hovering, segmented constructs built for heavy defense and unforgiving suppressive fire. Surrounded by two rotating, semicircular shields. Outfitted with a Solar shield. Equipped with a teleportation device. Armed with multiple Plasma Shredders which fire a flurry of Void bolts that inflict stacking poison effects as well as a debuff that increases incoming damage for a short time. Upon death, it leaves behind a fiery explosion which heavily burns its victims.
  • Juggernaut Machination—Towering constructs which supplant the heavy siege trooper role. Outfitted with an Arc shield. Armed with dual Plasma Shredders which inflict stacking poison, weakness, and blackout effects. Attacks long-range targets with dual Plasma Hammers which fire a barrage of seeking Arc warheads that disorient, slow, and deafen their targets upon detonation. Equipped with a back-mounted Relapse Grenade dispenser. Occasionally teleports short distances. When faced at close range, it will pack up the nearest target and slowly melt them with their Juggernaut's Gaze eye beam; shooting the eye will free the victim.

Crusher Clan Forces[edit]

Crushers are specimens whose physiology is predominantly Cabal, with thickened muscles that allow them to parry and even deflect all incoming attacks when blocking with them to avoid taking damage, but also possess multiple pairs of arms, hints of chitin on their bodies, and some form of automated sensory perception. They overwhelm their foes with their unmatched individual resilience and heavy weapon systems.

  • Inflammatory Crusher—Heavy pyrotechnic units equipped for trench warfare. Armed with Cabal Magma Launchers that have enhanced range, accuracy, fire rate, and burn damage. Employs a compression blast when faced up close, knocking targets back and inflicting them with a heavy bleeding effect. Throws Inflamed Grenades that leave behind a large pool of napalm upon detonation, sticking to targets and quickly draining their health. Can launch Cabal Magma Missiles from pods on their backs which heavily burn their targets and redden their vision.
  • Lightning Crusher—Heavy infantry equipped to handle electrically charged equipment. Armed with a Magnetic Accelerator heavy ray gun which fires a sustained Arc beam that shocks, blinds, and slows its targets. Unleashes a magnetic blast from their electrical harness that disrupts the player's vision for a short time. Throws Magentic Grenades that leave behind a feedback sphere which disorients and deafens all who stand in its radius. Can launch Cabal Shock Missiles from pods on their backs which heavily shock their targets and haze their vision.
  • Earthquake Crusher—Heavy explosive units equipped for maximum demolition. Outfitted with a Solar shield. Armed with a Cabal Slug Pounder shoulder-fired rocket launcher that fires a fast-moving Solar warhead that knocks its target down, hazes their vision, and deafens them for a short time. Unleashes a backblast from the weapon at close range, which causes significant knockback in an area in front of it. Throws Destroyer Grenades which have a wide blast radius and leave behind sharp pieces of debris which can bleed their victims out. Can launch Cabal Destroyer Missiles from pods on their backs that leave behind cluster bombs upon detonation.
  • Infection Crusher—Heavy bioweapons unit designed to harness deadly poisons and diseases. Outfitted with a Void shield. Armed with a Septic Shredder machine gun that fires poisonous bullets which also cause their targets to bleed and be inflicted with a debuff that temporarily reduces their health by half. Unleashes a toxic gas from their armor that slows and disorients all nearby Guardians. Throws Septic Canisters which release a poison gas cloud that continuously disperses toxic bacterial spores across the battlefield, which causes its victims to bleed and be paralyzed. Can launch Cabal Viral Missiles from pods on their back that heavily poison their targets and reduce their damage output.
  • Leviathan Crusher—Large, ultra-heavy commander units equipped with superior weaponry and combat utilities. Outfitted with an Arc shield. Equipped with a teleportation device and jump jets to maneuver across the battlefield. Equipped with a Crusher Shield riot barricade for frontal protection. Armed with a one-handed shoulder-fired Kraken Launcher rocket machine gun which fires a constant stream of seeking Solar rockets that eventually turn into stickybombs that leave behind a pool of burning napalm upon detonation that causes its targets to burn and bleed profusely for a short time. Unleashes a Magnetic Pulse that removes all shield capacity and prevents recovery. Throws Cluster Grenades that detonation into smaller submunitions that blind and slow their target upon detonation. Can launch Cabal Leviathan Missiles from pods on their back which create fast-moving quakes which knock the player upward and cripples them upon descent. When faced at close range, it will grab its victim and attempt to crush them with their fist; shooting the arm will free the victim.