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Machination Volkrion
Biographical information

Other name(s):

Volkrion, Methodical Mind
Machinations' Overwatch








Vex Mind


Juggernaut Machination

Combat information


Ravaged Land


Plasma Shredders
Plasma Hammers
Relapse Grenade
Weakness Grenade
Slap Grenades


Life Restoration
Arc Shield
Poison Effect
Enfeebled Debuff
Blackout Effect
Disoriented Debuff
Slowness Effect
Deafened Debuff
Relapse Effect
Weakened Debuff
Machination's Grasp
Juggernaut's Gaze
Shocking Effect
Blindness Effect
Shocking Matrix
Burning Matrix
Solar Shield
Nullifier Matrix
Void Shield
Burning Effect
Suppression Effect
Invisibility Tech
Temporal Shockwave
Electric Surge
Scorching Torrent
Nullifier Pulse
Antimatter Blast
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Summon Machinations


Machination Volkrion is the leader of the Machination clans established by the Denigrates.


Main Attacks[edit]

Volkrion is equipped with multiple weapon systems to engage Guardians from multiple ranges, directions, and angles. On its upper pair of arms, it uses dual Plasma Shredder machine guns that fire a flurry of Void bolts which inflict stacking poison effects as well as blackout and a debuff that increases incoming damage for a short time; on its lower arms, it uses dual Plasma Hammer rocket launchers that fire a barrage of seeking Arc warheads which disorient, deafen, and slow their targets for a sustained period. On its back is a pair of siege cannons that can fire either Relapse or Weakness Grenades, the former dealing lingering pulses of damage as well as briefly disabling recovery upon detonation, and the latter decreasing the damage output of their targets. When faced at point blank range, it will grab the player with its eye beam and slowly start to drain their health with Juggernaut's Gaze; shooting the eye will disable this process.

Repair Shutdown[edit]

Any damage dealt to Volkrion's health and Arc shield will quickly be recovered if left unattended, potentially making the encounter last forever if the team is not prepared and ill-equipped. To shut down Volkrion's restoration ability, it must be struck with feedback spheres that will prevent both its shield and health regeneration. These feedback spheres are acquired from killing stronger variants of Blaster Machinations called Volkrion's Destroyers, which have an Arc shield (instead of the usual Void) and possess the ability to both punch the ground to unleash seismic quakes and the throw the player with its offhand arm. When a sphere is picked up, Volkrion will then emit an arena-wide electric pulse that will shock and blind those who are holding a sphere. Throwing these spheres at Volkrion will disable its self-repair function and deal massive damage.

Defense Matrix[edit]

When Volkrion's health reaches 66%, it summons special elemental variants of Slasher Machinations to form a complex defense matrix. Shock Slashers unleash a shock-inducing Arc focus beam onto Volkrion to grant it an Arc shield as well as release electric surges on those who seek them out; Scorch Slashers unleash a burn-inducing Solar focus beam onto Volkrion to grant it a Solar shield as well as release puffs of flame towards their opponents; Nullifier Slashers unleash a suppression-inducing Void focus beam onto Volkrion grant it a Void shield as well as release toxic ashes on their targets. Volkrion will gain the ability to inflict the effects of the focus beams when shielded. The shields can only be broken down when their respective Slasher is killed; only one at a time will be vulnerable while the others will be immune to all damage. When all the shields are disabled, Volkrion will shut down for 15 seconds before rebooting again and bringing in more elemental Slashers, repeating the process.

System Overdrive[edit]

When its health reaches 33%, Volkrion will gain the ability to turn invisible, throw Slap Grenades, stomp the ground to unleash temporal shockwaves, fire electric surges, hurl puffs of flame, release Void pulses that break the player's shield and drains their Light for a short time, and summon anitmatter blasts through the arena. It will remain in this state until it is destroyed.