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Nightmare of Seriviks, Jackal Kell
Biographical information







Combat information


Nightmare Hunt: Betrayal


Molten Welder


Summon Nightmares
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Ultra Smash
Summon Fallen
Summon Kell's Guard Nightmares
Nightmare Immunity
Etheric Regeneration
Summon Siphon Shanks
Ether Empowerment


"Seriviks, the Jackal Kell, was a enemy that all of us will never forget. She left her own House, to form her own circle with one ambition: to destroy our city and take back The Traveler, like her predecessors once did. But while she did faltered, her memory will be burned to the minds of all us, even her own siblings, that she betrayed all of us, for the blessing of the Traveler, that the Fallen was striving for. the Pyramid, will use this pain as a advantage to hurting us, but we will not allow it."
Eris Morn

The Nightmare of Seriviks, Jackal Kell is the Nightmare version of Seriviks, Jackal Kell, who defected the House of Lions, to form her own organization, The Jackal Syndicate, so that she can wage mayhem across The City's hearts, as well as the Lions. However, she would be thwarted by The Guardian, with further support from her former House. But she would return, this time, as Nightmare, representing the Essence of Betrayal. The Nightmare would join the rest in the Nightmare Hunts, to keep the Pyramid's energy from reaching the Moon's surface.