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Labyrinth: Ignorance



Season of Salvation




Unknown Space


Investigate the anomaly intruding in The Nine’s domain

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Intrusion is the introductory mission of Season of Salvation. After receiving a distress call from with the Unknown Space of The Nine, Zavala sends The Guardian to investigate it.


  • Talk to Xûr
    • Talk to the Agent of The Nine and find out what’s wrong.
  • Enter Eternity
    • Traverse into the Unknown Space and investigate it.
  • Clear out the Taken
    • The Taken have started to infected the Unknown Space. Clear them out and rid the domain of their infestation.
  • Investigate the Portal
    • A Challenge beckons… a wish for anything.
  • Traverse the Area
    • Don’t you want to battle-.
  • Destroy the Taken Barrier
    • Greatness awaits on the other side.
    • X out of 2 rifts destroyed.
  • Traverse deeper
    • A show called…
  • Escape!
    • There’s [no] hope in fleeing… CRASHNDROWNCRASHNDROWNCRASHNDROWN



Xûr peers through a projection of an ongoing Dares of Eternity game. As the fireteam of 6 guardians clears the first wave of enemies, the projection suddenly ends. A loud boom, followed by a rumble, traverses throughout Xûr's Dominion. Xûr manages to open the projection again, but now the fireteam is dead, as Taken begin infesting the Unknown Space, with an unidentified anomaly hovering in the sky beyond Eternity.

Cut to black.


  • Zavala: Guardian. Come in. This is Commander Zavala. I requested your assistance. We’ve received a distress call from within the Unknown Space. The call was sent by-
  • Zavala: Drifter? What are you doing here? This is an authorized communications channel, one which you are intruding on.
  • The Drifter: Relax. I’m only here to help out The Guardian. Plus, The Nine is more of my business so-
  • Zavala: eh, fine! But don’t do anything funny. Where was I? Oh- Xûr sent the distress call. They reported a Taken infestation, multiple Guardian casualties, and a large, unidentified anomaly within the domain of the Unknown Space. I’m sending you to assist and assess the situation.

The Guardian touches down in Xur's Dominion as they approach Xûr.

  • Xûr: Guardian. There you are. I apologize to both you and your Vanguard for the interruption.
  • Zavala: Now’s not the time. Xûr, what exactly did you see?
  • Xûr: Taken. Taken everywhere. But they weren’t from The Nine. Since I do not hold my own will, it was them who initiated the distress call. I will open the path to Eternity to you Guardian. Clear out it’s Taken, for The Nine please?

The Guardian enters the lift into Eternity. They observe a massive Taken infestation taking hold as Blights occupy the air, and a massive, unidentified ship hovers in the back.

  • The Drifter: Probably that anomaly Xûr was going off about. Seems to be the cause of the Taken’s presence.
  • Zavala: I’ll contact Eris Morn. Guardian, take out the infestation, and keep an eye on Drifter.
  • The Drifter: Well Guardian, you know what to do. Kill those Taken!

The Guardian touches down in Eternity and begins engaging the Taken forces.

  • The Drifter: So what exactly happened Squid Face?
  • Xûr: I… I do not know. One second there was a fireteam playing Dares, the next they were dead as Taken began infesting the domain.
  • The Drifter: Hmm, doesn’t that “thing” look a bit like them Pyramids Guardian?
  • Ghost: It does actually look a little like them. I wonder why.
  • The Emissary: The Nine informs me that a Disciple of the Witness inhabits that vessel.
  • The Drifter: Orin? What are you doing here?
  • The Emissary: I’m here to assist Xûr in keeping watch over this infestation. I assume The Guardian is already at work clearing them out.
  • Xûr: They are Orin. How are The Nine responding to the infestation?
  • The Emissary: They’re trying their best, but the overwhelming power of the Darkness has seem to strip them off their ability to counteract these forces.
  • Ghost: What does the Witness even want with their domain?
  • The Drifter: Whose to say why. All I know is that clearing out this infestation is our only option. Continue to lay waste (Brother/Sister).

The Guardian manages to clear out most of the Taken. As they traverse further, a Tormentor spawns in, followed by more Taken.

  • Ghost: That Tormentor has to be the commanding leader of the infestation. Take them out Guardian!

The Guardian slays the Tormentor, and all remain blights disappear. Ahead of them, a Resonant Portal appears. It seems to beckon The Guardian.

  • Ghost: Is it just me… or is that portal, beckoning us?
  • Xûr: It looks like it may lead to the vessel Guardian.
  • The Drifter: Welp, there’s only one way to find out. Guardian, it’s portal hopping time!

The Guardian enters the portal. They are then transported inside the vessel. Inside, they find themselves inside a labyrinth clearly sculpted out of Pyramid material. They begin to go forward.

  • Zavala: Guardian. Report! Where are you? I have brought Eris to assist with this operation.
  • Ghost: We’re inside the vessel. We’re in some sort of labyrinth. Environment is clearly of Pyramid architecture.
  • Eris Morn: How did you gain entry to it?
  • The Drifter: There was a portal the Guardian jump through. Figured it was our only shot at getting closer to this disciple.
  • Eris Morn: Drifter?! Do you know how dangerous this is? You may have possibly jeopardized The Guardian’s survival!
  • The Drifter: Relax, I was just trying to lend a helping hand. And besides, The Guardian has face worse.
  • Zavala: Focus! Guardian, continue your journey. Find out who this disciple is and put an end to them.

The Guardian eventually makes it to a large room, filled with Taken and Taken Blights as a barrier made of Taken energy blocks the path ahead.

  • Ghost: Path’s blocked! There’s a giant Taken barrier blocking it.
  • The Emissary: Those rifts seem to be empowering it Guardian. Take them out.

The Guardian destroys the Taken Rifts, and the barrier falls. The Guardian traverses deeper into the labyrinth.

  • Ghost: Hey Guardian, I’m starting to feel a bit uneasy. It’s similar to how felt on the Moon and Neomuna, but, it somehow feels… off. Like it isn’t the same energy.
  • Eris Morn: It seems you’re approaching the disciple Guardian. I would exercise extreme caution. We don’t know what we’re up against.
  • Zavala: Indeed. Watch your back Guardian. Stay safe out there.

The Guardian makes it to large, open chamber. In the middle sits a planet-like object connected to a plug, which runs through the ground. The planet reeks of Darkness.

  • Ghost: What… is that?

As The Guardian approaches it, the room suddenly becomes tainted with Taken energy as Blights fill the room. An entity then manifests over the planet-like object.

  • Airy: Oh, hello there “contestant.” Would you like to partake in my “competition?”

The room becomes infested with Taken as four Taken Aspects materialize in the room.

  • Eris Morn: Guardian! It’s a trap! Get out of there!
  • Ghost: We can’t! The way’s closed off!

The Guardian attempts to fight off the Taken and the Disciple, but it’s no use as they are overwhelmed. The Emissary begins to conjure energy from The Nine as they bring The Guardian out of the vessel and back to Xûr's Domininon.

  • Zavala: Guardian! Come in! Can you read me!
  • Ghost: We hear you Zavala. We made it out.
  • Eris Morn: We need to regroup and discuss this matter further. Guardian, call in your ship, and report to the HELM.

{Mission Ends}





  • This mission marks the first encounter with Taken Gladiators

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