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Shield Burden
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Airy's Taken




Taken Wizard

Combat information




High Durability
Rapid Flight
Midair Levitation
Void Absorption shield
Solar Necromantic Gaze
Summon Shadow Thrall
Cast Taken Overshield
Drop Taken Essence (Self-Titled)
Drop Taken Orbs (Self-Titled)


Shield Burdens are a unique Major variant of the Taken Wizard encountered during Season of Salvation. They are mainly employed by Airy, the Witness's Chosen and the Taken sect he commands.


Shield Burdens are only ever encountered two times throughout Season of Salvation, those being in the Mission Intrusion and the Strike Self-Titled. In their first appearance in Intrusion, two sets of Shield Burdens will spawn. The first set spawns in once players have depleted the first bar of health of Teziiqa, Reverent of the Witness. After reaching this point, Teziiqa will gain a Taken Overshield around itself, making it impervious to all damage. Players will need to kill the two Shield Burdens that spawn in to take down the overshield. Once the second bar has been depleted, Teziiqa will once again gain a Taken Overshield, as two more Shield Burdens spawn in. The process is repeated once more, and after killing the last set of Shield Burdens Teziiqa will be left vulnerable to defeat.

Shield Burdens make another appearance in Self-Titled, where they are used by Airy during his boss fight. After depleting his first bar, Airy will teleport to the back of the boss room as two sets of Shield Burdens spawn in. Players will need to defeat the first set and deposit their essence, and immediately after kill the next set to obtain their Taken Orbs and throw them at Airy's shield. Once his shield is brought down, players are free to damage Airy, until his second bar is depleted. The process is repeated once more, but this time Airy will be aggressively attacking the player. Once his shield is brought down again, players are able to defeat the disciple.

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