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This article is about the fanfic House Salvation. For the official variant, see House of Salvation.
House of Salvation


Eramis, Kell of Darkness
Rvirkiis, the Techno-Splicer


Mimiks Prime




Beyond Light


"To my Eliksni sisters and brothers out amongst the stars, and here at home on Europa. We are the future of our kind, and we will destroy all who threaten us. Remember, Light only burns bright so long, but Darkness is forever."
— Eramis.

The House of Salvation is a Fallen House distinguishable by their white and indigo colored armor, that appears to have been manufactured by its previous Fallen Houses. Formed out of desperation by the former House of Devils Baroness, Eramis, the Shipstealer, due to her losing interest in reforming her House of old, in order to create a New Fallen Empire to strike back at those who desecrated her people.



After the failure to steal the Outbreak Perfected and maintain control over the European Aerial Zone, Eramis decided to abandon the Devil banner after a discovery at Niflheim. Shortly afterwards her forces would travel to the moon of Jupiter known as Europa after following the directions of ancient powers.

Darkness Beckons[edit]

Deep Stone[edit]

Fall of Salvation[edit]

Sometime after the fall of Eramis and her command, Rvirkiis, the Techno-Splicer resurfaced to enact revenge against the Guardians for killing his Kell.



Prime Servitor[edit]