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The powers of Paracausality have existed within our world and beyond, even since the beginning of time... long before the Traveler even existed. You've heard about it. We did. Everyone has. You just know it as Eclipse.

Eclipse is a Paracausal force that exists as a combination of numerous elemental manifestations of both the Light and the Darkness.


"Up until now, we only knew about the Light and the Darkness. But what if I told you that there's a way to claim ancient powers and save Humanity at the same time?"
Lucy Heartfilia



Nature of the Eclipse[edit]

Elements of the Eclipse[edit]

Carrying on the influences of the Light and Dark, the Eclipse also has its three Elements that represent it.

  • Fusion - First introduced in the Paradox expansion, this Element serves as a spliced combination of both Arc, Solar, Stasis, and Void. Mentioned to be a manifestation of the alignment between Light and Dark, it is said to have been discovered by the first Guardians long before the arrival of the Traveler. The color of this Element is a fiery lime green, which also symbolizes Mal's Birthright abilities.
  • Malice - First introduced in the Fractured Worlds expansion, this Element is the manifestation of hate, rage and vengeance, and first originated from the Fallen Worlds universe, where the power of Malice is able to create Revenants. The version of Malice able to be wielded by Guardians is infused with Darkness and Void energy. The color of this element is a pitch black, symbolizing the negativity it embodies.
  • Nexus - First introduced in The Void Within expansion, this Element serves as a corrupted combination of Solar and Void magics, along with the blood of the Ancients. Originally wielded by said Ancients long ago, this element remained untouched for over a hundred thousand years until the Veilgate network was forcefully opened and Nexus magic flowed back into the material plane. The color of this Element is a deep crimson red, symbolizing its theme of gore.




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