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Other name(s):

Children of Vyrellia
Eldritch Lightslayers
The Big Man's Killers



Focal world(s):

Enshrouded Solar System


• Destroy the Traveler and all sources of the Light
• Recreate the entire universe with the Darkness
• Live forever by being synonymous with corruption
• Bring an end to the City Age

At war with:


Average height:


Average weight:



• Rippling shadowy humanoid forms
• Emerald green eyes
• Black-flamed ornaments with purple metallic thorns

Average lifespan:


Notable groups:

The Shadowkeepers

Notable individuals:

Vyrellia, the Veiled Mother
The Dark Guardians
Kirito, the Black Swordsman
Asuna, the White Angel

Shadow Collective
Shadow Collective


Tatsuyi Kirigaya, Scion of the Shadowkeepers
Tyranaks, the Overlord
Xavyskaa, Heiress of the Shadow Collective


Marrowguard Servitors
Fused Etherkeepers




Second Collapse


"Throughout the beginning of time, the universe was a vast melting pot of cultures, wealth, power, and magic, and for a long time, the Earth had been a society our ancestors lived in... a world of infinite possibilities unrivaled by a glorious purpose of massive proportions. But unfortunately, this era of happiness and dreams didn't last long. As civilizations rose from humble beginnings, their antitheses also rose up to challenge their birthrights, but the most fatal of all antitheses was the arrival of their Traveler. A savior for some... a monster for others. A guardian for some... a vigilante for others. The preservation of life, so often the justification for taking it. Humans: elevating those that keep guard, until they watch too close. And these so-called heroes, condoning the very act they would condemn. Ever since its arrival, transgressions of the past shaped actions yet to come. As offspring and friends turned into adversaries, yesterday's losses led to madness, gods and kings became tyrants, rebels became outcasts, and freedom fighters became... dust. While the weak and helpless drowned in their own blood, abusers and tormentors grew rich and ruled kingdoms and worlds. While innocent souls died in agony and sorrow, the guilty prospered and enjoyed themselves. But now, it all ends. For centuries, the world had been bound by aspects of a failed past, full of lies that the Traveler brought upon this universe. But, we knew the truth. In Light, there was only weakness. Only failure. Only subjugation. Only death. But where the Light took, the Dark gives. No longer will we be pawns of the Light's lies. No longer will we stand by and let those monsters and so-called heroes abuse our people. No longer will we watch the lives of those we care for be lost. In Darkness, there is only strength. Only power. Only victory. Only freedom. Only life. And this time around, we will rise forever. Let's say we give these Guardians one last dance."
Vyrellia, the Veiled Mother.

The Avatars are a multispecies and multifarious force consisting of all six species – Eliksni, Hive, Vex, Cabal, Human, and Awoken – thus far encountered by the Guardians, Lightbearers, and Lightbound Fallen and Cabal allies of The Last City and the Solar System.

Led by the triad leadership of Kirito, Asuna, and The Dark Guardians, they are a legion of potent enemies who serve Vyrellia and the dark forces of The Black Fleet, extremely infamous not only for being notorious time criminals and masterminds responsible for various atrocious acts against the defenders and protectors of humanity, but also for corrupting Mallory Bertha via her newfound powers and bringing on the end of the City Age and the destruction of The Last City with the Second Collapse.

Empowered by the powers of the Darkness, they have led countless sieges against the forces of the Light and its allies, seeking to claim complete control over the Solar System and usher in a dark new future by recreating the entire universe in the Darkness's image.

They are the main antagonists of the Final Shape expansion.





The Swordsman's Arrival[edit]


The Second Collapse[edit]

Retaking of Sol[edit]

The High Orbit[edit]

Shadows Gathering[edit]

Age of Legends[edit]


The name given to entities wholly corrupted by the Pyramids in service to the Darkness is simply the "Shadowkeeper," a powerful herald blessed by Vyrellia with dark forms of power and sorcery of the highest ranks. There is no distinction between willing servitude and outright enslavement. Members of all six species present in the solar system are among their ranks—Human, Awoken, Eliksni, Cabal, Hive, and Vex. Their physical appearance is that of a rippling shadow, more humanoid and opaque than the Taken armies commanded by Oryx, with emerald green eyes of golden fire. They command powers and abilities that are the antithetical opposite of the Light — Stasis, Entropy, and Fracture.

According to remnants of Rasputin's analyses from the First Collapse, there is growing evidence that these beings are wholly artificial, drawn out of the collective psyche of entire racial minds. Examples include the Black Swordsman, otherwise known as Kirito, apparently created wholesale out of an artificial program that had formerly been under Rasputin's prerogative, which in turn had been based upon a character from a centuries-old entertainment series. This means that they are specially constructed, tailor made even, for each invasion of a targeted species. They supplement the Nightmares that soften up resistance to the Pyramids until the main Fleet arrives.

The most notable of these servants is simply The Guardian, hero of the Last City and killer of their many and varied foes. It is unknown how The Guardian finally fell to the Darkness' service but it is believed exposure to Stasis is what hastened their fall, much in the same manner as what happened to Rezyl Azzir. What is known for certain is that, during the war against the Black Fleet, the Guardian slowly and surely grew more erratic, disappearing for weeks on end in pursuit of the City's enemies—and finally, one day after a very lengthily departure, returned at the head of an army by the side of the Black Swordsman and the White Angel, and overran Earth's defenses. They personally slew millions of Guardians and civilians where before they had once staunchly defended.



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