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Aphix Insurgent


Eliminate Sol Divisive
Study and worship the Light

Axis Minds:

Jolkron, Gate Lord
Kenron, Rebellious Mind
Insurgent Mind
Abandoned Gatekeepers


Tangled Shore


Aphix Insurgent (formerly known as: Aphix Eliminative) is Vex Collective that is located around the areas of the Reef and the Moon. A few of them were also mentioned within Mars and Io


Aphix Insurgent are identified by a bright orange color with purple painted circles on its chassis. However, some of their leading units has the same appearance of the Aphix Invasive, Precursors, and Virgo Prohibition. These Vex are rarely seen at all, being more hidden and more separated than the rest of the Vex. They tend to study a Fragment of the Traveler and Light itself, they help and operate with Guardians that comes to their way, as a means to study the Light more.

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