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Combat information


Arc Slap Rifles


Circular Shield
High Durability
Hydra Death Blast
Midair Levitation
Rapid Movement
Suppression Field
Vex Barrier


Angelics are a unique variant of Vex Hydra employed by the Sol Divisive, identifiable by their white frames while still being draped in moss. They are encountered exclusively in the Black Garden Raid, deployed as a security measure to impede the progress of the invading Guardians as they make their way deeper into the Black Garden.


Angelics are unique, in that instead of the Aeon Maul common for Hydras, they are equipped with a pair of Arc Slap Rifles to deliver rapid suppressive fire. Similar to the Divisive Mind earlier in the Raid, they also lack a usual Hydra’s revolving barriers, instead being surrounded in a circular shield that blocks damage from all sides, which will only lower when all of the enemies surrounding them have been destroyed. Their death blasts also have more range and deal more damage.

Angelics appear during several encounters in the raid, and it is essential for them to be defeated in order for the players to progress. During the first fight with the Consecrated Mind, an Angelic will appear at the end of each next room and must be killed for the barrier blocking said room to lower, thus allowing the encounter to progress. During the Cleansing Ritual encounter, Angelics will spawn at one of the four relays around the arena, locking down the warp gates there until they are killed. The Angelic will then make their way over to the Conflux at their relay and erect a suppression field over it, which damages any Guardians that come too close to the center of the relay. The Angelic will then sacrifice itself after some time. While the Confluxes usually allow for at most five sacrifices for the fireteam to be wiped, this can also happen if at most two Angelics successfully sacrifice themselves. This will also occur during the third encounter.


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